Lily Allen returning to the music scene with a new album next Spring?

by Martin


Despite being included for a few lines in True Love by Pink we haven’t heard any new material from Lily Allen since late 2009 after she announced she wanted to turn her attention to acting and didn’t renew her music contract.

Allen, despite having help to create an album from a record label found that she would have to turn to social networking site Myspace if she was going to get recognised for her music. The star became a well known singer by around 2006 when she released Alright, Still which featured songs Smile and LDN.

During her career Lily Rose Cooper as she’s now known has always appeared very outspoken and this has shown in the media with many considering her a very controversial star but that didn’t stop sales – though many began sending her abuse because of her comments towards other people.

She eventually closed her MySpace and removed herself from social media completely in 2009.

Lily Allen -22

In 2009 Lily also released It’s Not Me, It’s You which featured tracks The Fear, and Not Fair which were the two singles released from the album. Then the rest they say is history, until now.

It’s no secret though that Lily has been working on something new, she’s tweeted on various occasions that she’s working with producer Greg Kurstin and Naughty Boy but we’ve never had any idea on when to expect a return.

On Twitter yesterday (August 19th) Lily had a brief conversation with ‘Popjustice’ where Popjustice hinted that if Beyoncé were to release something new on iTunes that Lily should release something too.

LilyRosePopjusticeWhile we don’t have a definite date, we do know that we can expect something new from the star next Spring. The question remains though, will she return as Lily Allen or stick with Lily Rose Cooper.

Many reports across the internet had mentioned about some not realising that she was in fact Lily Allen when she used Lily Rose Cooper and that it might be more beneficial to the star if she stuck with the name we know her best for.

Though time will tell. To us in the UK we know her as Lily Allen and Lily Rose Cooper but if she wanted to cross the pond then perhaps her marketing team might need to come up with a plan to prevent sales not taking off.

Watch the official video for The Fear which was released by Lily Allen on her It’s Not Me, It’s You album