Linus Roache talks Titanic and his famous Corrie dad Bill!

Linus Roache, who is of course the son of Corrie veteran Bill Roache – who plays Ken Barlow – has been talking to The Sun’s TV Buzz about his role on Julian Fellowes’ new mini-series Titanic, and about his famous dad.

Linus, who plays the role of Hugh, the Earl of Mantonin on Titanic – he formerly starred as Ken Barlow’s thieving nephew James on Corrie – began by saying, “I haven’t played too many aristocrats.

“It’s actually quite challenging trying to appreciate that degree of entitlement, what it’s like to be someone who simply knows that the world is for them.

“I was mostly with all the other poshos during filming, but the great thing about this show is that when the iceberg hits, everyone gets intermingled.”

Linus went on to say that the Earl’s wardrobe helps him to get into character…

He said, “If you put on a good Armani suit in real life you feel better, don’t you?

“But I felt sorry for all the ladies with their corsets and petticoats and bonnets. I was very glad to be a man – I was in and out of make-up in ten minutes.”

Linus went on to reveal that while he was filming for Titanic, his dad Bill was himself on a cruise, which he took time out from to visit his son on the set.

He said, “Dad was on a cruise in the area so he came and had a nose around the set. He absolutely loved it.

“It would have been fun to get a life jacket on him and get him involved, but he’d have had to stay for three days to finish filming it!”

He added, “It feels totally normal seeing my dad on the telly – he’s been on it for 50 years, as long as I’ve known him.

“We do talk a lot about acting as a family. What’s so cool about my dad is he’s still working at how to be a good actor and developing his skill.

“And I think that attitude keeps you young. Look at him – he looks great!”

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