Loose Women star Andrea McLean “still in shock” over breakdown of her marriage

by Lynn Connolly

Andrea McLean – who began her career as a weather-girl on GMTV and subsequently went on to co-host Loose Women – has revealed that she’s “still in shock” over the breakdown of her second marriage.

Andrea married builder Steve Toms in 2009 after the couple reportedly had a six-year affair, which prompted the end of her first marriage.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Andrea said of the split from Steve, “We held it together over Christmas for the kids but then on Boxing Day I took them to stay with my parents – and that was the end.

”I’m still in shock. When I hear myself talking about ‘my first marriage breakdown’ then ‘this time round,’ the words are like a stab in the heart…

“Because I simply can’t believe I’m in this position again. People think I’m Snow White… the most boring person in the world!

“I’ve only ever slept with two men and I married them both.

“I’ve always been choosy and never played the field but now here I am… a single mum with two children by two different husbands and two failed marriages behind me.

“I feel I have let my children down. They don’t deserve this. I just wanted to give them what I had – a happy, loving home with a mum and dad who adored each other.

“And all I’ve ever wanted is to be one half of a couple. But now that’s all gone. I’m heartbroken.”

Andrea met Steve when they both worked on UKTV home makeover show, Our House, which Andrea hosted.

Of meeting Steve, Andrea said, “My first marriage was already dying by the time I met Steve, but I am still so ashamed of what I did.

“I caused pain to people I loved and betrayed my husband in the worst way that a wife can.

“I hated myself for a long time because of that. Then, six years later when Steve and I finally got married, I went into it with a heart full of love and hope – determined this would be different.

“But as time went by and I realised I couldn’t make this marriage work either I felt utter panic. I feel completely destroyed by it all.”

Andrea went on to reveal that although she’d tried to hide her marital concerns from her Loose Women co-stars, Sherrie Hewson realized there was something very wrong.

Andrea explained, “One day, Sherrie came into my dressing room and steered the conversation round to relationships.

“She was talking about herself, but we both knew she was talking about me. She’d just got divorced after years in an unhappy marriage.

”She said ‘You’re young, beautiful and a lovely person and you deserve to be happy – so if you’re not happy about anything in your life, please don’t wait like I did’.

“I really thought about what she said. It reinforced what I knew deep down. I had to move on.”

You can read more about Andrea’s life, and her marriages, in her autobiography, Confessions of a Good Girl, which is published next Thursday.

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.