Loose Women’s Sherrie Hewson considers Playboy shoot

She’s the bubbliest of the Loose Women but, behind her cheeky humour, Sherrie Hewson’s had a stressful few years, with divorce, bankruptcy and her husband’s alleged infidelity taking their toll. But the ex-Corrie star refuses to be beaten down, and in a shoot with Closer magazine the 60 year old can’t wait to strip off.

Seeing the pics afterwards Sherrie’s chuffed, saying: “I’m aware of my age, but this has been beautifully shot. I’d never have done this at 40 – I wasn’t confident about my body, but now I’m ready to accept who I am. Maybe I should do a Playboy centrefold next!”

Nine years after separating from her husband Ken Boyd, a bar owner, Sherrie’s written a tell-all autobiography, Behind The Laughter, detailing his alleged infidelities and debt, which cost her the family home and her fortune. The divorce papers came through last week. She says: “My pals didn’t understand why I didn’t divorce sooner, but it was the end of a dream for me.”

But two weeks ago, Ken gave a newspaper a damning verdict on their marriage, accusing her of affairs and violent bust-ups. She says: “I didn’t read it. My daughter, Keeley, 27, told me the essence of her dad’s story – that I was supposedly a fame-hungry celeb who’d throw things when I didn’t get my own way. It’s a work of fiction, but as long as Keeley’s not hurt, I really don’t care what he says.”

And posing with our feather boa has helped take Sherrie’s mind off her ex. “I feel so liberated,” says the 5ft 6 star, who’s rightly proud of her 10st, size 10 body. “I’ve got quite good legs and arms but as you get older, your stomach and hips droop. My face could do with a bit of a seeing to, as well – it’s 11 years since I had a facelift. I lost a stone recently, mainly by not eating after 6pm, but I try to keep a steady weight now I’m 60. I want this decade to be my best and feeling confident with my body again is a great start.”

Sherrie was devastated when she lost her hair in 2004 and 2007 due to stress over her bankruptcy, but over the past few years it’s come back. She says: “You can imagine what that does to your confidence. I found Flourozine – a herbal product that cancer patients take – and it’s worked brilliantly. “This is my year to make changes. When I look at the pics, I think: ‘You’re not bad!’ Knocking yourself is unattractive, so I won’t do it any more. I’ve learned a lot of lessons in the past few years. I think: ‘Don’t waste your life, Sherrie.’ It’s time to enjoy myself.

And Sherrie’s confidence means she’s ready to date again. She reveals: “I’m talking to an English man online who lives in the US and is 13 years younger. We haven’t met yet, but I feel, for the first time in years, it could be possible to have a new relationship.”

The full feature appears in this week’s Closer magazine, on sale now (Tuesday).