Lorde believes social media means no need for interviews

by Martin
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We say it over and over again but it’s true, social media in 2014 is an incredibly powerful tool and Lorde is just one of the many entertainers who make use of it.

Gone are the days when fans have to wait to hear or see from their favourite stars on a TV show or on local radio or even in their favourite magazine and Lorde thinks that’s a problem.

New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde isn’t one to shy away from the truth and certainly isn’t afraid to speak her mind and Twitter gives everyone that instant connection with millions.

The ‘Royals’ songstress spoke recently in an interview with British magazine Stylist and discussed a variety of topics including social media.


The young star explained that interviews could easily become a thing of the past because people can connect with stars instantly online.

This interaction through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram is so strong that people often no longer feel the need to reach for a music magazine or by reading in a newspaper.

She explained: “Social media means artists are able to completely skip publications ‘ we don’t need newspapers to issue press releases anymore, we can just do it on Twitter or whatever.

“But it also means the papers want higher highs and to get that access which is more personal than something you’ve just posted on Instagram.”

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The singer-songwriter also added that she while does enjoying being active on Twitter, she also realises where to draw the line in terms of what things to share with the world.

She explained: “I was ten [when Twitter first appeared], so I’ve grown up with it. It’s much more normal to me than it would be for a lot of people.

“I understand the importance of things like Twitter and people feeling like they know you and are emotionally invested in you as an artist and as a person.”

Lorde concluded by saying that she does enjoy having the opportunity to share things with people adding that “it’s cool”.