Lorde talks having full creative control of the soundtrack for ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Pt1’

by Martin
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New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde has been confirmed to curate the official soundtrack for ‘Mockingjay – Part 1’ – the next movie in ‘The Hunger Games’ franchise.

This means that she has the responsibility to get artists and songs together that will suit the movie – it doesn’t mean she’ll perform every single track.

The ‘Royals’ songstress has now spoken out about the details of her deal and it’s been revealed just how much creative control she has over the soundtrack.

Head of creative licensing at Songs Carianne Marshall has explained that the only conditions Lorde expressed was that she had complete creative control over the tracks and artists that would feature.

Lorde at BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend in Glasgow (© BBC)

Lorde at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Glasgow (© BBC)

She explained: “It’s a nontraditional deal. Lionsgate had to be flexible — there was quite a bit of back and forth. Lorde was not going to do this without complete creative freedom.”

Lorde also spoke with Billboard regarding the film and discussed the work she’s done so far on the soundtrack and admitted it feels like it’s ‘her baby’.

“I was really keen to curate it. I had this idea that it would be really cool and I think I know what is the right sound for the project.

The singer-songwriter went on to add: “So they were really into it and it just started happening. It’s really been my baby, which is awesome.”

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Lorde even went on to speak about how her job is “so rewarding” as she’s done so much at such a young age, adding that it blows her mind that such a massive studio have just handed over the reigns to her.

She sounded pretty excited, and comfortable with the fact that she’s been doing everything herself, even contracting the artists.

‘The Hunger Games Mockingjay – Part 1’ is scheduled to be released on the 21st of November around the world and will no doubt surely prove as popular as the previous films.

Check out the official music video for ‘Tennis Court’ by Lorde and let us know what you think in the comments below – are you looking forward to the new ‘Hunger games’ movie?