Lorde won’t be giving her millions of fans a name anytime soon

by Martin

Lorde 1

Whenever a new artist appears and does incredibly well it’s pretty normal for their fans to be branded with a name though we’re never sure who stars it – the fans or the artist themselves.

We’ve all heard of the Directioners for One Direction, the Beliebers for Justin Bieber and the KatyCats for Katy Perry but 17-year old Lorde has said she’ll never to name her fans.

The 17-year old from New Zealand spoke in an interview recently and pretty much said it like it was when it came to naming fans.

Lorde Charles Howells

The ‘Royals’ singer is having an incredible time right now and her success just keeps growing and by now many would have thought she’d have a name for her fans but that definitely won’t be happening.

Speaking with LOOK magazine the singer said:”That’s the worst,” she said. “I find it grating to lump everyone into a really awkward, pun-centric name. People joke about it on Twitter.  “‘You should call us The Disciples.’ Never!”

This isn’t the first time that Lorde has discussed the matter as she tweeted about it in April last year and said:

Earlier this month Lorde revealed that she was a fan of Drake’s new album ’Nothing Was The Same’ and in an interview with Rolling Stone said:

“I like soul-baring music, and there are some tasty jams on this album. There aren’t that many dudes in Drake’s position that are so emo.”

“He does those moments of I’m f**king this beautiful woman, but I’m so sad!” so well.”

Lorde is also due to perform at the 56th Annual GRAMMY Awards later this month alongside Katy Perry, Robin Thicke, Daft Punk and many more!

Listen to Lorde’s latest single ‘Team’ below and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.