Lost is back baby! Review of season five premiere

by Lynn Connolly

Because You Left and The Lie

What an awesome start to this long awaited season of Lost! We learned a lot but as ever, there were more questions than answers. Wouldn’t be Lost otherwise would it?

The show opened with Pierre Chang/Marvin Candle’s alarm clock going off at 8:15 – when else – and him attending to his baby before going to his Dharma ‘office’ and doing a recording for an Arrow orientation video. However, he was interrupted by someone announcing there was a problem.

BUT, just before we get to that, is there any chance Pierre’s baby is someone we know? Miles maybe?

Anyway, the problem was that the wall they were drilling was hiding a chamber, as seen on a sonar printout, where Ben’s ship’s wheel – the one he turned to make the island shift in time – was embedded in the rock. Candle told the workers that the chamber housed dangerous energy and they must stop drilling. And stone me, there was Daniel Faraday, large as life as one of the workers!! Here’s a clip of the start…

As we rejoined the Losties, Ben was acting sneaky and seems to have something up his sleeve that he’s not telling anyone. He also has some connection to Mrs Hawking, the woman who showed up right at the end doing all sorts of weird stuff with a map and a computer and who told Ben he had 70 hours to get everyone back.

lost-desIn case you don’t remember where you’ve seen her before, she was the woman who told Desmond he mustn’t buy the ring for Penny in season 3 during the episode, Flashes Before Your Eyes.

As well as telling Desmond that he wasn’t supposed to buy the ring, she said that that his path was to go to the Island because the only “truly great thing” that he’d ever do was pressing the button in the hatch.

There’s also speculation that Mrs Hawking may be Daniel’s mother. He told Des at the hatch – when he’d gone back in time – that one day, he’d need to go back to Oxford and find Daniel’s mother, so is she Mrs Hawking?

Anyway, just before Ben met up with her, she was the hooded figure who was seen in a room with computers and a large board on which she was writing equations.

A Foucault Pendulum could be seen in the background, tracing with a chalk on a large map. Mrs Hawking appeared to be working out the co-ordinates of the island using a computer very similar to the ones that could be found in the Pearl and the Swan stations.

There also appeared to be a Dharma logo on the monitor – possibly the Lighthouse – as well as on a number of Dharma folders on either side of her desk. The screen was flashing with the words, “Event Window Determined” Eeeek!

The Oceanic 6 were all about the same as when we left them at the end of season 4; Jack was trying to figure out if he should trust Ben and was also coping with his addiction to painkillers and a fondness for the bottom of bottle of booze.

Locke was still dead – as far as we know – and Ben had arranged for his body to be kept at a butcher’s shop by a woman called Jill who clearly knew exactly who Ben was and all about the island.

So just who the doohickley is she?? She comments that everything is moving “right on schedule.” Ben tells Jill to keep Locke’s body safe, or everything they’re about to do won’t matter at all.

Kate was still trying to protect Aaron but someone knows he’s not her biological son, but we’ve no idea who that is. I’m guessing it might well be Charles Widmore though. Who else in ‘real time’ suspects that all is not as it seems with the Oceanic 6?

Sun was still busy being a businesswoman and attempting to make some kind of deal with Charles Widmore over wanting Ben dead while Desmond was with Penny and Sayid was busting Hurley out of the institution.

Wasn’t that an epic death-by-dishwasher scene when Sayid did his “crazy ninja moves” on the unknown man in the apartment? And I loved it when Ben turned up at Hurley’s and he lobbed his hot pocket at him! God I’ve missed Hurley!

So why is Sayid so against Ben? He told Hurley not to do anything Ben says so when Ben arrived and tried to get Hurley – for the purposes of him going back to the island – Hurley surrendered to the cops instead in order to stop Ben doing anything to him. So how’s Ben going to get him out of prison in order to go back??

As to those left on the island, they were zapping around time like subatomic quantum ping pong balls. Yemi’s plane crashed right over John’s head, he got shot by Ethan then Dan told him he must die in order to come back and save the island! Big day for him!

More about John shortly but first, Dan also tried to explain to Sawyer how the whole ‘we’re moving through time, not the island’ thing worked before a whole new bunch of ‘others’ or ‘hostiles’ started kicking seven colours out of them and threatening to chop Juliet’s hand off!

And I don’t know whether to be worried about Charlotte or not. I still don’t know if she’s a good or bad guy but she’s getting what Des used to have; nosebleeds when time zaps her around. Do you remember how we were introduced to Desmond’s time slips in season 4, The Constant?

Daniel told him in that episode that he must have a ‘constant’, a thing that anchors him to his rightful place in time and for Dan, Desmond is his constant. For Des, it’s Penny.

Remember too how, as well as Des, all those folks on the freighter just upped and died when they got nosebleeds, headaches and then went doolally? So will Charlotte implode, explode or just plain die like the guys on the freighter?

Anyway, we’ve established that the island survivors were moving in time together, but getting back to John, since he was on a far part of the island at the time of the first shift, he was moving separately from the others it seems. As I mentioned, he witnessed Yemi’s plane going down, got shot by Ethan, was visited by Dan and Richard Alpert – never aging Richard – also popped over for a natter.

While he took the bullet out of John’s leg, he told him that he must take the compass he gave him and give it back to Richard when he next sees him, even though Richard won’t know who John is at their next encounter.

There was a classic Lost moment when Locke asked Richard what the compass did and Richard said, “It points north, John.”

Oh and speaking of blasts from the past, Ana Lucia turned up in full cop regalia to pull over Hurley as fled with a knocked-out Sayid at his side.

She gave him some pointers such as get some clothes on – instead of his pj’s – and don’t attract police attention as you’re now wanted for murder. He didn’t do the murder but nonetheless, he’s wanted for it. So why did she show up? I wonder if Charlie’s going to be back as a regular Hurley vision?

So while the survivors plus Daniel, Charlotte, Miles, and Juliet tried to figure out what on earth to do, they found the hatch both after the Oceanic survivors had blown it up and before, when Des was still down there playing his records and waiting for ‘him’ to show up.

Daniel insisted no one do anything to change anything because they would always fail. I was just waiting for Doc Brown to show up with Marty in tow and an old De Lorean!

Clues and Easter eggs…

One of the clues I found most interesting was that when Pierre/Marvin was explaining the Arrow station was for the orientation video he said it was designed to research defensive strategies against the Hostiles.

This is interesting for a few reasons; first, because the ‘hostiles’ on the beach shot Frogurt and the other islanders with flaming arrows.

Second, because Horace Goodspeed – remember him? He built Jacob’s cabin – had an Arrow logo on his Dharma uniform, and the Arrow was where Mr. Eko found the Bible that contained half of the Swan orientation video.

Next up by way of clues was that Yemi’s plane is known to have crashed in the late 1990’s therefore, John’s time jump must’ve been a good way back in time. However, the second time jump was relatively easy to pin down. The hatch was already exploded, so it was after the season 2 finale, but when Locke went into the plane, he saw Yemi’s burned corpse.

When Mr. Eko visited the plane in season 3, the body was gone. Therefore, the time of this jump – when Locke met Richard again – must’ve been sometime between November 2004 and December, the same time when Kate, Sawyer and Jack were first taken by the ‘Others’.

Another clue/egg was when Richard gave Locke the compass. Remember when Richard visited Locke as a child? It was in season 4, episode, Cabin Fever. He asked him to choose from a selection of objects one that was ‘his’. The compass was one of the objects but at the time, John chose a knife.


What did you think of it?

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