Lost: Jughead – Back To The Future… again!

by Lynn Connolly

Oh wow! Not very eloquent but very accurate! What an excellent episode this was…

More intrigue, more loose ends but perhaps a hint at how this is all going to tie up in the end. At least now we know how Charles Widmore knows so much about the island, even if we don’t know why he’s so determined to kill everyone on it and why he can’t get back there himself. Or, for that matter, why he left.

I guess we know too how come he and Ben hate each other… Ben was an Other, Widmore a Hostile, but we don’t yet know when or why they crossed paths…

We found out that Des’s baby is called Charlie – surely not named for Penny’s dad and rather for the supposedly dead Charlie – or could it be even thinkable that given all the time to-ing and fro-ing, Oceanic 815 Charlie is in fact Des and Penny’s Charlie and father and son just crossed time paths??

And, as mentioned, we met the young prototype of Charles Widmore last night, just as the older version who we know and love was actually doing Desmond a favour for once. What’s that about? I can only assume that Mr Widmore is afraid that Ben will carry out his threat to kill Penny, as Widmore had his daughter killed, and therefore is siding with Des only to keep Penny safe.

Did you also notice that, when the soldier who turned out to be Widmore – the one who got away from Sawyer and Locke and reported that an ‘old man’ was possibly chasing him into camp – first ran into the jungle, Sawyer yelled at Locke and said, “Why didn’t you shoot him?” and Locke replied, “Because he’s one of my people.”

So did John know he was THE Charles Widmore? If so, why did he sound surprised when he heard his name as he talked to Richard? And does present day Widmore remember John?

Could Elle – the soldier girl Other – be Mrs Hawking as a young woman? If so, and if she’s Daniel’s mother, would he have recognised her? And if he did, given that he’s so against interfering in the past, could he have told her who he was?

At one point, Elle asked Daniel why he was staring at her and he replied that she reminded him of someone he once knew, so did he mean Theresa, his mother or was he in fact not sure who she was; she really did just look familiar?

Then there was the mysterious Theresa who it seems fell victim to one of Daniel’s experiments, presumably one that involves time travel. We found out too that it was Widmore who funded Daniel’s research but that wasn’t that big a shocker given that we already knew he worked for Charles.

There’s the eternal puzzle that is Richard Alpert too; last night, a good deal of the show was set in the 1950s and we’ve had glimpses of him from various decades since, right up to present day, and he hasn’t changed one iota. So why hasn’t he and just when is his ‘real’ time? I guess though we got an explanation for how come he was present when John Locke was born – the man himself invited him to attend!

And what of the hydrogen bomb? Did the Others bury it after Daniel zapped off in time or is that in some way going to explain the ‘terrible occurrence’ on the island that has been referred to frequently all the way through the previous seasons? Or did they bury it and that’s what caused the hatch to blow up when Des used his key way back? And is it a reason for all the nosebleeds, headaches and subsequent deaths?

Apropos of the bomb, interestingly, Jughead was the code-name for an actual nuclear test that took place in 1954 and that time scale certainly fits.

Jeez, I keep expecting my own nose to bleed or my head to explode or something! And as always, I now can’t wait for next week’s episode, “The Little Prince” in which Kate discovers that someone knows the secret of Aaron’s true parental lineage. Meanwhile, the dramatic shifts through time are placing the lives of the remaining island survivors in extreme peril.

Here’s a couple of leedle tasters, just to keep you hopped up on getting Lost…

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