Lost: Lindelof and Cuse want a viewer to ‘name’ this season’s finale cliffhanger!

lost lindelof and cuse

I’m so excited there’s a very real possibility I may wee! Let me explain why…

Every year, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse come up with a ‘code name’ for the season finale and usually it’s something totally obscure and apparently meaningless, with the exception of last season’s finale which was sensibly entitled “Frozen Donkey Wheel”… because Ben turned the frozen donkey wheel.

Previous year’s finale titles however have included “Bagel”, which was the finale when Walt was abducted by The Others; “Challah” which was when Penny and her boat found the island – and poor old Charlie snuffed it – and when Jack was in a fast forward, they called it “The Rattlesnake in the Mailbox.”

But this year, a Lost fan will get to give the hallowed name to the season finale which is now apparently to be aired in the US on May 13th!

So just how might one do this I hear you cry? Unless that’s just the voices in my head again…

Well, you simply click on this link and fill out your contact info and your suggestion for the name of the finale and why you want it to be so named.

On the weekly ABC’s Lost podcast on March 26th Lindelof and Cuse will announce which name they’ve chosen. There’s no pay or anything but who needs money when you can have something priceless like this?

You can hear and see all the Lost podcasts here

And I don’t know if this will be of any use at all, but you can maybe get some hints or help with ABC’s Nickname Generator here

The only clues that we’ve been given to help us come up with a suitable name are that a) the finale is going to be “shocking”… not that that’s much of a clue, and b) the finale may “culminate with ‘the incident’ oft referred to by Marvin Candle in the first orientation video.

Also, check out this doody little widget that’s got all sorts of Lost goodies with it…

So, thinking caps on Lost fans and when you’ve submitted your answer, maybe you’ll come over and tell us what you suggested? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours 😉

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