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Since last night’s Lost was a disappointing recap episode – I hate when they do that! – I thought that instead of my usual review, I’d bring you all the latest Lost news and the new promos for the much vaunted new episode next week, The Variable. I also have some epic spoilers for you but they’re hidden – you have to highlight the text to see them – however, there are still a few clues included in the following article so if you don’t want to know anything about The Variable, don’t read on after the ‘Read more and comment’ link!

As we know, The Variable is the 100th episode of Lost and is a Daniel centric episode that’s going to include a few flashbacks – as always – but this time, they’re going to be more revealing than ever! Apparently, we’re going to get to know exactly what Daniel knows about the island and given that he can jump through time with apparent ease, I’m guessing he knows not only all about its past, but also its future and that of the island’s inhabitants…

We’re also going to get to see a young Eloise Hawking and ABC have hinted that we’ll “see Charlie” but they could mean Charles Widmore, Des’s baby Charlie or – please gods of Lost – the original Charlie who we presume drowned… I soooooooooo hope it’s him but I suspect it’s just the writers teasing us!

But back to Eloise – or Ellie as she’s most often called on the Island – we’re going to get to see and hear about her relationship with Charles Widmore and we’re going to get to see a lot of Des because The Variable picks up where The Constant left off, and we get to see why it is that Daniel wrote “If anything goes wrong, Desmond Hume will be my constant” in his notebook, and it’s rumoured that we’ll find out why Des left the army.

Daniel Faraday's journal - Lost

Ok… Coming next is a major, major spoiler, so to read it, you’re going to have to highlight the text that’s between the brackets. Don’t do it if you don’t want to know!

[ Daniel Faraday is the son of Charles Widmore and Eloise. Faraday as we know, arrived back to the island by sub. In The Variable, he tries to get Chang to evacuate the island by telling him the truth about the island and Miles being his son. He then goes into the Other’s camp to talk to his mother, but she thinks he’s an enemy intruder so she shoots and kills him before he gets a chance to tell her who he is or why he’s there! Eloise isn’t portrayed as a villain because she doesn’t know at the time when she kills Faraday that he’s her son. However, she later learns of his plans through Jack and Kate, and tries to see them through with the help of Richard Alpert ]

Ok, major spoiler over so you can look again now!

Here are some brilliant promos and trailers for next week’s landmark 100th episode….

I can’t believe how fast this season of Lost has gone, and now of course, speculation about the finale is rife, so with a view to pumping him for info, Hollywood 411 interviewed Michael Emerson who plays Ben Linus, but he didn’t reveal a great deal, only that the ending was going to be an “explosive one” and that viewers will get to see characters they’ve heard about, but never seen… could he mean Jacob??

henry-ian-cusick-lostIn other news related to Lost, Henry Ian Cusick, who plays Desmond, has been accused of sexual harassment by a Lost crew member named Chelsea Stone.

The former employee filed an “harassment and sexual battery” claim against Henry documents have been revealed about her accusation which is that that Henry “groped and fondled her” and that he made “lewd sounds and gestures”.

She also claimed that she reported this to her supervisor on set but was told only “to avoid” Henry and twelve days later, on Oct 28th, 2007, she was fired from her job for reporting the accusations. The Stone had worked with ABC since 1997.

Chelsea is also citing “emotional distress, physical sickness and a miscarriage” which she claims was a result of the incident.

The leaked documents don’t disclose how much in terms of a settlement Stone is looking for, and as of yet, no comment has been made by Henry or his representatives. You can view the official court documents here but you’ll need to have Adobe Reader as it’s a pdf file.

And I know it’s not funny and I don’t mean to sound glib – if her claims are true, she’s of course been very upset by it – but he could sexually harass me anytime! He’s a total babe!

Anyway, roll on next week! I’ll be unplugging the phone, locking the door, and sitting about three inches away from the screen so I don’t miss a second! I’d have a 100th episode party – yes, I’m that sad – except that would mean having people around and they may then speak over the show and I’d have to kill them… harsh, but necessary!

See you back here next Monday for a full and in-depth recap and analysis of what went on in The Variable!

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