Lost Season Six: Spoilers and cast news

by Lynn Connolly

Lost S6 Promo Eye
I’ve been trawling the net for a fix of Lost gossip and I’ve found lots of little nuggets of info about season six. Yippee!

Some of the info in this article contains spoilerish news so don’t read on after the jump if you don’t want to know!

First off, it seems that season six – which will total 18 hours of airtime – is going to very much resemble season one quite often but it seems Locke’s role is going to be somewhat confusing at first.

One intriguing thing though is that in the official promo pic for season six, Locke is shown standing with his back to everyone else…

locke's back

Anything of significance there? I daresay there is!

Also, Josh Holloway – who of course plays Sawyer – has revealed that Sawyer will be “destroyed” by losing Juliet. Yes it seems she is dead as six gets underway, and for Sawyer this means he’ll revert to being more like the Sawyer we got to know when the show first started.

Libby – who’ll be back in six – was revealed to have the surname Smith. Again, not sure what the significance is of telling us that, but I’m sure there’s a reason. And as you may have already heard, Charlie will be back in six as will Claire, Daniel Faraday and Juliet will also be making appearances. Just how many will rather depend on if the bomb plan worked or not.

Rebecca Mader will be back as Charlotte and Boone and Shannon also return. Sayid will be seen working in a kitchen alongside a new character called Lennon. Frank Lapidus will make repeated reappearances but it seems that the characters of Walt, Rousseau and Michael won’t be showing up.

Katey Segal is back as the love of Locke’s life, Helen and in a great spoilery twist, it seems that Ilana is Jacob’s daughter! I know!

The theme of numbers will return with an explanation of why they’ve been so significant – at long last – and in the premiere, we’ll see Flight 815 landing safely in Los Angeles, complete with characters such as Bernard, Rose and Frogurt all in tact.

Eko’s church will be back too and it’s rumoured that Seth Norris, who played the pilot of 815 – the one mauled and killed by smokey – will also be back.

So far, we know the titles for season six are as follows,
Premiere and episode two:LA X
Episode 3: What Kate Does
Episode 4: The Substitute
Episode 5: Lighthouse
Episode 6: Sundown
Episode 7: Dr. Linus
Episode 8: Recon

If you’ve heard of any Lost gossip, news or spoilers, please do share them with us!

Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.