Lost: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham – Recap, clues & review

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Well, well, what a strange/brilliant/confusing episode that was, no? I mean, where do I start?

John’s alive after trying to kill himself only to be stopped by Ben who then killed John himself and Ben also killed Abaddon. And just what is Charles Widmore’s real motive and just who exactly can – or should – John trust? I’d hate to be that guy I can tell you!

The episode was chock full of references to religious symbolism and The Numbers and some old faces turned up such as Matthew Abaddon – who is rather like poop in a field… you apparently can’t avoid him – and the new faces of Caesar and Ilana…

I’ll try to recap as briefly as possible with just the main pertinent points for those of you who missed it… but it may still take a while as with all Lost episodes, there’s a very lot to take in!

john locke

Ok so – John suddenly appears flat on his back in the Tunisian desert being watched by a CCTV camera and he’s clearly severely injured his leg. Doesn’t have a lot of luck where legs are concerned does he?

Anyway, he’s taken by some blokes in a truck to a very basic hospital where a doctor excruciatingly painfully resets John’s open leg fracture. Not unreasonably, John passes out from the pain and awakes to find Charles Widmore sitting at his bedside. He’s had some specialist surgeons there fixing John properly.

Charles tells John he first met him when he was – Charles – was 17 on the island but now, all these years later, John hasn’t changed a bit. This was of course not a promo for some kind of anti-wrinkle cream; it’s because John’s been zipping around through time and to John, he met the teenaged Charles four days ago!

Widmore went on to explain that he’d become leader of the island people but Ben tricked him off the island then kept shifting it so he couldn’t get back, and said that’s what he’d done to John too.

lost john abaddon widmore

On John’s release from hospital, Charles had him a new ID set up, a wodge of money and a gofer/driver/protector by the name of Matthew Abaddon who at first Locke pretended he’d never met before.

Later, Widmore gave John dossiers on the locations of the Oceanic 6 so that he could get them all to go back to the island. Widmore concluded their meeting by giving Locke a mobile phone which gets straight through to Charles if Locke dials 23.

lost john sayid

So off John and Abaddon go, first to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic to find Sayid who’s there volunteering for the charity Build Our World and was busy building a school. John tried to talk him into going back to the island but Sayid refused. He added the Ben had used and manipulated him for ten years and wasn’t going to do it again. He also told Locke that he’d been married to his one true love Nadia for just nine months before she was murdered.

lost john walt

Next it’s off to New York where John sat waiting outside Walt’s school and sure enough, there was Walt, very much now a teenager. They spent a few minutes talking during which Walt asked if Locke had seen his dad. Locke didn’t exactly lie and said last time he’d seen Michael, he was on a freighter just offshore. What none of them noticed was the Ben was spying on them from the street corner… eeek.

lost hurley john

After John left the hospital, he went to Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute where Hurley’s at and where he was busy drawing a picture of an Egyptian sphinx… as you do.

lost hurley sphinx

Poor Hurley, having experienced being visited by the dead before, assumed John was dead and to find out, he asked his nurse if he was really for real talking to a guy in a wheelchair. She confirmed he was so John then started to talk to Hurley about going back to the island, but Hurley freaked out when he saw Abaddon standing by the car and shouted that Abaddon was “evil!” and told John how Matthew had posed as an Oceanic rep at the hospital one time. Hurley screamed to be taken back in leaving John no choice but to return to the car.

Once back in the car, he finally acknowledged that he did in fact recognise Abaddon as the hospital orderly who’d originally told him to go on a “walkabout”. When Locke asked Abaddon what he really does for Widmore, Abaddon replied that his job was to “help people get to where they need to get to.”

lost kate john

Locke then went to Los Angeles to see Kate who, surprise surprise, flat out refused to go back too. Again Locke leaves without a ‘let’s go back’ buddy and being pretty p’d off by now, he angrily asks Abaddon if he’s found Helen yet. Abaddon said that that he hadn’t but as John pointed out, Abaddon had no trouble locating all of the Oceanic Six in locations across the world. This forced Matthew to concede that he did know where Helen was… six feet under in a cemetery which the pair then went to visit.

Abaddon told John that she died of a brain aneurysm and the two get into a conversation about fate and how or if things could’ve been different if John hadn’t gone on that trip but Abaddon states that it wouldn’t change anything, she’d still be dead.

lost abaddon

As the two prepared to leave Abaddon was loading John’s wheelchair into the car’s trunk when he was shot three times by an unseen assailant. Locke climbed hurriedly into the driver’s seat and drove off at speed. While swerving dangerously down the road, Locke eventually crashed into two oncoming cars and was knocked unconscious by the impact.

lost jack

He then woke up in a hospital bed, with Jack sitting next to him. Jack explained to Locke that he was in a car accident and was brought to his hospital, but despite Locke telling him he believes it was fated to be that way, Jack didn’t see the event as anything more than a coincidence. Jack refused to accept that it’s their destiny to go back to the island but just as he was about to leave the room, John told him that his dad says hi.

That kinda stopped Jack in his tracked and he stated that Christian died three years ago in Australia. Locke again implored Jack to come back with him and says that he – Jack – is the only one the others will follow. Jack angrily told Locke to leave him and the other survivors alone and that none of them were ever “important.”

lost john ben

Later in his room at the Westerfield Hotel, Locke wrote his suicide note and addressed it to Jack before placing the envelope in his pocket. He then took a length of extension cord, tied a noose and was about to hang himself when there was a knock at the door. He ignored it, but after a few more knocks and yells, Ben forced open the door and came hurtling into the room. Ben begged John to stop, saying that he only wanted to help John.

Ben admitted shooting Matthew Abaddon and told John he did so to protect him because Ben considered Matthew to be very dangerous employee of Widmore’s, and he adds that Widmore would’ve ordered Abaddon to kill Locke if Ben hadn’t got there first.

Widmore, Ben said, was using John to get back to the Island and to ensure Widmore couldn’t get back was the reason that Ben moved it in the first place. Ben then untied the extension cord, telling a weeping Locke that he is important despite John insisting that he’s incapable of being a leader. Ben then told Locke that Jack had booked a return ticket from LA to Sydney, which proved Jack’s change of attitude after his talk with John.

As he helped Locke down, Ben reiterates that Locke has too much work to do to die and suggests he contacts Sun next, however, Locke tells him he promised Jin he wouldn’t contact her, and shows Ben the wedding ring Jin gave him. Ben was surprised to learn that Jin’s alive. Locke then stated that he knows what he must do next – he must contact a woman named Eloise Hawking. At the mention of her name, Ben was visibly troubled and when Locke asked if Ben knows the woman, he confirmed that he did.

john ben lost

Suddenly, Ben strangles Locke from behind with the extension cord, eventually killing him. He later hung Locke to make it seem like a suicide. As he left, he saw Jin’s ring and took it with him.

lost ajira camp

Back on the island at the Hydra Station, as the camp gathered around the stranger – who turned out to be Locke – Caesar was going through an office where he saw a 1954 Life magazine with a cover story about a hydrogen bomb. He also found a file that contained one of Danielle Rousseau’s maps, one of the pages from Daniel Faraday’s journal, and Daniel’s map too.

He also found a loaded gun that he quickly hid in his bag. Ilana then came in and asked him if he’d found anything but he said no. When she says she saw him put something in his back, he pulls out a torch and throws it to her, suggesting that was what he’d put in his bag.

She then told him that there’s a man on the beach in a suit who wasn’t on the Ajira plane. When they returned to the Flight 316 survivors’ camp, they met John.

lost ilana john

The following day, as Locke stood at the edge of the water gazing toward the main Island. Christian Shephard’s shoes are seen on the sand nearby. Ilana then came over to introduce herself, and gave him a mango for breakfast. Locke then asked about the two outrigger canoes which were nearby on the shore. Ilana said that the canoes were already there, and that there’d been a third one, but the pilot and “a woman” had left in one of them during the night.

Ilana then asked why Locke is dressed so nicely, and Locke tells her that he suspects it’s the suit he was to be buried in. as Ilana looked on confused, Locke said that he didn’t remember being on the plane, but he does remember dying. Ilana looked at him as though he was bonkers and walked away.

Later, Locke talked to Caesar in the office of The Hydra. He explained briefly about the Dharma Initiative, whose logo appears on the document Caesar was reading. Caesar questioned Locke’s knowledge about this and Locke replied that he’d been on the Island before, for over 100 days in fact.

Caesar was confused but curious and asked Locke if he can explain what happened on the plane. He described how he was sitting next to a “heavy set man with curly hair” who disappeared during the flash of light, and that other survivors of the crash also reported seeing passengers disappear. Realising that Caesar was talking about Hurley, Locke replied that he now has a better idea of how he came to be on the Island…

lost ben

Locke then asked whether everyone apart from the people who disappeared are accounted for. Caesar replied that they are, including those who were injured in the crash. He then took Locke to a makeshift medical tent where the injured passengers are. Locke moved among them, closely looking at each person. He seemed disappointed until he came to the last bed, in which Ben was lying either asleep or unconscious. Locke then told a confused Caesar that this was “the man who killed me.”

Now onto Easter eggs and clues…

The Life magazine Caesar looked at featured a cover article with photos of the first Hydrogen Bomb test from 1954. This could be a reference to the H-bomb we saw on the Island in “Jughead” that was also from 1954 and is again involving The Numbers.

The Number 42 was on the license plate of the truck that picked up Locke in Tunisia – The Numbers.

In Locke’s new passport for Jeremy Bentham, his birthday is February 15, one of the Numbers. Interestingly enough, the passport lists his date of birth about eight years before Locke’s actual birth date. Also, his Passport number is 150000001314… that’s right, it’s The Numbers! Well, some of them anyway.

When Widmore gives Locke a phone, he says that to reach him, Locke should dial the extension 23, one of The Numbers

Helen Norwood’s date of death was April 8, or 4/8, two more of The Numbers

There’ve been a lot of religious overtones to Lost lately. Another last night was that John bought the extension cord to hang himself from Angel’s Hardware. Perhaps this was the show’s way of telling us Locke’s attempted suicide and eventual murder were God’s will?

Again, this episode really tried to draw parallels between John Locke and Jesus Christ. Not only were both resurrected, but they shared a seriously unfashionable taste in shoes … Because of the cast on his leg, Locke wore sandals, much like Jesus wore back in his day.

In case you didn’t catch it, when John Locke stared off at the big Island at the start of the episode, Ajira Airways crashed on the smaller second Island that the Others took Kate, Sawyer and Jack to at the start of season 3. How do we know for sure? When Caesar was reading a file on the Dharma Initiative in the office, it had the Hydra symbol on it. The Hydra Station was Dharma’s zoological station with the cages and underground aquarium.

When Locke visited Hurley at the Santa Rosa Mental Institute, Hurley was seen painting a picture of the Great Sphinx in Egypt. Interestingly enough, the word “sphinx” derives from Greek and translates as “strangler,” maybe alluding to Ben’s future strangling of Locke.

Eee by gum… it’s all goin’ off isn’t it!

Next week’s episode is called “LaFleur” in which Sawyer perpetuates a lie with some of the other island survivors in order to protect themselves from mistakes of the past…

Here’s a promo for it.

And here’s a few sneek peek pics!

la fleur lost 1la fleur lost 2la fleur lost 3la fleur lost 4la fleur lost 5


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