Lost: This Place Is Death – Review

by Lynn Connolly
Danielle shoots her lover Robert

Danielle shoots her lover Robert

This was an awesome episode! As always it’s left me full of questions such as, if Danielle met Jin all those years ago, why doesn’t she remember him later when Oceanic 815 crashes on the island and she finally meets him? It’s all very Back To The Future… again!

However, an interesting thing to note is that in the scene where the French shipwrecked Montan listens to the transmission of the numbers on his radio, if you listen very carefully, it sounds remarkably like it’s Hurley’s voice! You may need to listen a couple of times, but I’m convinced it is…

Have a listen to it here.

How the doohickley did that happen? I don’t have a Scooby Doo – ‘clue’, for those of you not used to my rhyming slang phraseology yet! – but I’m gagging to know!


And now, what about Charlotte’s death?? Poor Dan! But how intriguing to know that he was the man who, in her childhood, warned her she must never come back to the island or she’d die! If this show gets any better, I may want to marry it and have its babies!

We learned too that Charlotte had been raised on the island as part of the Dharma Initiative folks, can speak fluent Korean and that her mother – who HAS to be someone we know, or her father does – constantly denied the existence of the place when they went back to England.


And don’t even get me started on Christian turning up in the well John dropped into! Christian – calmly but with a touch of ‘what did I say to you!?? – in his voice, informed John that he’d told him before that HE, not Ben, had to move the island and now, he has to do it and pay with his life to ensure everyone else’s safety.


We also got our first look at this mysterious Temple we’ve heard so much about and which is where Montan lost his arm.


Jin saw it decomposing in the sun, ewwwww.

The temple  has similar looking Glyphs on the side of it as those which where on the countdown timer in the Swan Station which was also known to us as The Hatch.  Here’s the pics for you to compare…


And don’t forget that the Temple is where Ben sent his ‘people’ saying it was “the last safe place on the island.”

It would appear to be the smoke monster’s stomping ground too and we’re no nearer to understanding what the smoke did to Robert that made him ‘sick’ and made him try to shoot Danielle. Nor do we know if it was Robert or Danielle who shot two of their crew members.

Then, back in LA – after Sun stuck a gun in Ben’s face – Ben and Jack persuaded her to go with them to a church where, Ben said, there was a person who could prove to Sun that Jin was still alive. When they got to the church, Ben gave Sun Jin’s wedding ring and told her that it was given to him by Locke.

We know of course that Jin gave it to John to persuade Sun he was dead so that she wouldn’t come back to the island.


Just then, up popped Desmond who wanted to know if they were all there to see Faraday’s mum too… but we didn’t get an answer before the four of them headed inside where they found the mysterious Mrs. Eloise Hawking.

Desmond was shocked to see her because if you recall, the last time he saw her, she was running a jewellery shop and telling him he must go to the island instead of marrying Penny.

At any rate, she noted that there were only four of them, so not the full set of Oceanic survivors, which Ben told her was the best he could do at short notice. She told him last week that he had just 70 hours to get everyone back.


And so, the episode ended with Mrs. Hawking saying, “Let’s get started then”

Epic stuff! And finally, here’s a quick run down of potential clues and/or red herrings from last night’s episode…

Danielle gave the date of her and her crew’s leaving Tahiti as November 15th 1988. In the “Pilot, Part 2” episode, Sayid says the message Danielle left had been playing for 16 years and 5 months, as of the day following the crash of flight 815, which was on September 23rd 2004… that’s 16 years after 1988.

Furthermore, in the episode “Through the Looking Glass” we found out that Danielle had left the message at the radio tower three days before Alex was born, which would’ve been two months after Danielle first arrived on the island. Therefore, the message had been playing for approximately 15 years and 7 months. However, as the calculation was hurriedly worked out by Sayid – using the approximate length of the message and without a calculator or anything – this is an understandable little error.

Just by the by, this is the first episode of the entire show in which Ben and Desmond have spoken to each other! They’d previously only been in one scene together which was at the cockpit wreckage in “The Beginning of the End” but they didn’t actually converse.

Likewise, it’s also the first time through the entire series that Ben and Sun have spoken to each other, even though both were in the same locations during “The Beginning of the End” too.

Here are a couple of sneek peeks and trailers from next week’s episode, ‘316’

See you here same time next week for more bafflement and hopefully, more excellent storylines to report!


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