Love and Marriage Episode Two: Pauline goes on a date with Peter while Heather worries that Charlie is cheating on her


Pauline starts her new lease of life as she gets a new haircut and later arranges to go on a date with Peter. But Pauline’s unimpressed daughter Heather keeps her dad updated on her mum’s new love life, and Pauline later argues with Ken after he interrupts her date.

Heather has other worries though, as she continues to let her paranoia over Charlie get to her. Her fears are piqued by her dance competition rival Louise, who makes a flagrant play for Charlie. Despite the fact that Charlie doesn’t act on the temptation, a damaged Heather still turns to besotted Ashley in her time of need.


Scarlett confides in Heather, revealing that she’s looking for her mum, with Heather promising not tell Rowan. Scarlett later visits Frank’s grave, and spots a drawing that looks like it might be from Emma.

Kevin believes he’s got away with his escapades at the rugby club that is until somebody finds a newspaper with the letters S.O.R.R.Y. cut out. Finally Martin swerves complaints from the family about Michelle’s lack of engagement with them.

Love and Marriage continues on ITV at 9pm

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