Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh comes to ITV1

The nation’s favourite gardener is set to bring his unique horticultural skills to ITV1 for the first time – in a new peak time gardening series.

Love Your Garden – with Alan Titchmarsh (8x’30) follows the writer, broadcaster and TV personality as he travels the country with a team of esteemed experts to find some of Britain’s most beautiful domestic gardens and show viewers how to recreate the look themselves – with minimum fuss.

Rather than sprawling country estates or celebrated public gardens, Alan will focus on the gardens of Britons who have turned their plots into magical outdoor living spaces. And even if you’re not a gardener and have a tiny space, Alan will demonstrate how to make it magical too.

From the traditional British garden to the cottage garden and the rose garden; each episode will focus on a type of garden many of us dream of. Alan will meet the passionate owner and learn the story of the garden’s creation and the challenges of keeping it. He will also pick out the key qualities that make that garden special and reveal to viewers how to get the look themselves.

Alan’s team of experts will be on hand to demonstrate other ways in which the garden can be used. Food expert VALENTINE WARNER will explore the increasingly popular world of growing your own food; Garden designer MATT JAMES will give advice on structure, from buying the right furniture to building the perfect water feature ; wildlife expert CHARLOTTE UHLENBROEK will meet the gardeners who are passionate about bringing wildlife to their garden and LAETITIA MAKLOUF will demonstrate how to transform the tiniest of spaces from elegant conservatories to beautiful windowboxes .

Featuring the most beautiful domestic gardens in the country and celebrating the passionate people behind them, Love Your Garden will celebrate Britain as a nation of gardeners and inform and inspire us on how to redesign our own outdoor space.

Programme One: The Traditional British Garden

The garden that most of us see today – the classic suburban garden. But this humble patch can be more than a bare lawn with a few beds. Alan visits a garden that has been a labour of love for one woman and has become the envy of her neighbours. Alan shows viewers what’s behind the dream suburban garden and how to get the look.

Valentine Warner shows that a suburban environment can be a great source of food. In fact when it comes to bees, this type of garden can be an advantage. He learns how to build and keep a beehive in a suburban garden.

The main challenge with wildlife in a suburban garden is encouraging different species whilst accomodating domestic animals such as cats and dogs. Charlotte Uhlenbrouk wants to encourage wildlife in her garden to work in harmony with the neighbours pets.

Friday, 10 June 2011, 8:00PM – 8:30PM ITV1