Lucy Pargeter (Chas Dingle) admits she is dreading Cat Fight!

by Anna Howell

Emmerdale actress Lucy Pargeter, who plays feisty Chas Dingle in the ITV soap, has admitted that she is dreading filming the cat-fight scenes coming up in the show.

Pargeter, who’s alter ego Chas has recently embarked on a steamy affair with niece Debbie’s  (Charley Webb) man, Cameron (Dominic Power), has told Whats On TV that she dreads the fight on her hands when the truth comes out, saying that she was “terrified of the outcome”.

The affair between Cameron and Chas started on our screens a few weeks ago, whilst Cameron’s girlfriend, and Chas’ niece, pregnant Debbie, is totally clueless to the betrayal and heartbreak she is being set up for.

“I’m not looking forward to when the Dingles find out and make Chas an outsider,” Pargeter admitted, “I don’t want her to be estranged from them – they are her family, after all.

“Also I’m terrified of what Debbie (Charley Webb) will do when she discovers what’s going on,” the actress added. “Chas is strong but that’d be a fight and a half. Charley is formidable, so I’m not looking forward to scrapping with her!”

Not just worried about her niece’s reaction (which she would not be able to retaliate to, what with Debbie being pregnant), but also that of parents Charity (Emma Atkins) who is Debbie’s mum and Chas cousin, and Cain (Jeff Hordley) who is Debbie’s father and Chas’ brother.

Speaking of the possible outcome with Charity, Pargeter commented:  “Who’d want to mess with her?” she joked. “We’ll just have to laugh our way through those scenes if and when we come to do them”.

For a preview of how this cat fight might play out, have a look below at the last time the Dingle cousins came to blows:

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