Mad Dogs to return for 2nd and 3rd Series?

Its the moment all Mad Dog fans have been waiting for, the announcement that a new series is on the horizon!

It always seemed likely, given the ending of the first series, but as is often the case in the cut-throat world of television, you should never count your chickens till they’ve hatched, or in this case count your BAFTA’s before they’ve been won!

But finally, the producers have revealed that a second series of the fantastic drama that is Mad Dogs has been commissioned for a second series, with writing for a third already in mixing bowl too. They are giving it an early 2012 airing date.

The first series was shown on new Channel Sky Atalantic in February and received high ratings and acclaim. Based on the story of four friends, Quinn (Glenister) Woody (Beesley), Baxter (Simm) and Rick (Warren) who find themselves out of their depth in Spain following the murder of their friend and host, Aldo (Ben Chaplin), and involved in serious crime and danger. The second series carries on from where the first left off, with the lads returning to Majorca to aid Quinn, only to find themselves caught completely in the same underworld situations as before.

Exec producer Andy Harries said: “Mad Dogs had such an impact that it was as obvious as a dead goat that we had to do more and all the our amazing cast felt the same. This time it all goes pear shaped in Ibiza!”

Fellow exec Suzanne Mackie added: “Before we had finished the first series of Mad Dogs we felt that there was so much more to do with these characters. I have been working with Cris Cole on the scripts ever since we finished shooting series one and the ideas for series two and three are every bit as explosive and inventive as they were at the beginning.”

Sky1’s directer of programmes Stuart Murphy said: “Customers loved this show so it’s great to commit to more. At Sky we work hard to bring our viewers high quality original entertainment made by the very best production companies with fantastic talent so I’m delighted we can confirm Mad Dogs’ return just a few weeks after the first series has finished its run. This also marks a growing investment in British scripted content, to sit alongside our great American shows.”