Mad Men – The New Girl – Season Two Episode 5

Set against the backdrop of John F Kennedy’s 45th birthday party, and rumours of an appearance by Marilyn Monroe, the office is buzzing with other news – Joan’s engagement, the arrival of Don’s stunning new secretary, Jane, and a visit from celebrity comedian Jimmy Barrett – as the provocative multi-award-winning American drama continues.

Trudy and Pete have a meeting with one of New York’s top fertility experts. Trudy’s enthusiasm is obvious, but Pete seems more ambivalent. Privately, he concedes to the doctor that he is worried about the future – the “bomb”, the economy, his in-laws and his job.

Against his better judgment, meanwhile, Don agrees to meet Jimmy’s wife, Bobbie Barrett, for dinner. While drinking from a bottle, Bobbie sidles up to Don as they drive out to her beach house in Long Island, before distracting him with a kiss – causing Don to lose control of the car. After failing a breath test, and not having enough cash to pay the fine, Don is taken to the police station. When Peggy bails him out she tells him she’ll forget about what’s happened, but warns him that she doesn’t want him treating her badly because she knows about the incident.

On his return home, Don tells Betty that he crashed the car due to a combination of his high blood pressure pills and booze. When she chides him as to why he didn’t tell her about his condition, or call to let her know he’d been in an accident, he says he didn’t want to worry her.

Bobbie, meanwhile, is concerned about how she will explain her black eye to her husband, Jimmy, but Peggy steps in to help by letting her stay at her apartment.

During a flashback, Peggy is seen in the hospital, after giving birth, being visited by Don. He advises her to do “whatever they say” to get released and then move forward with her life. He tells her it never happened.

Back in Peggy’s Brooklyn apartment, Bobbie can’t resist quizzing Peggy’s motives for coming to Don’s rescue. Does she love him? Peggy says that he has “helped” her, but doesn’t go into detail. Bobbie guesses it has something to do with ambition and offers her advice on getting on in a man’s world.

Tuesday 10 March
10.00-10.50pm BBC FOUR

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