Mad Men’s John Slattery: ‘I don’t want Roger to have a happy ending. It will be unexpected and complicated’

by Owen Tonks

Mad Men Roger Sterling

Mad Men actor John Slattery does not expect his character Roger Sterling to have a happy ending when the show concludes.

Roger hasn’t had an easy run on the show with uncertainty in his professional life and having gone through two marriages during the first five seasons of the period drama.

And John admits he thinks it would be better for his character to have a troubled ending considering his difficult background.

He told HitFix: “I don’t even know if I want it ‘happy’. It’s gonna end, soon. I expect based on what’s come before that it will be unexpected and complicated. I think they’re very fully drawn characters. They go through all kinds of stuff all the time.”

Mad Men

And the end for John’s character Roger might come sooner than some Mad Men fans would like – John admits the show, of which series six is due to air this year, may not make it past season seven.

He said: “In all the conversations I’ve had, there isn’t any indication I’ve gotten that it’s going to go any further than seven seasons. That’s how we speak of it and everybody talks about it like that. And it makes sense to me.

“How long are we gonna do this? We’ve told the story of this group of people really well, I think. I don’t know. It’s not really up to me, obviously. I haven’t even thought past the end of next year.

Mad Men

“I haven’t thought past the end of today. Because I don’t know what’s happening in the last two scripts. We’re up to number 11, so I really have no idea how this season’s gonna end.

“I just hope I make it to the end of next season. If we do a seventh season, which we will… Well, someone will. I hope I’m included.”

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