Manchester Utd player, Rio Ferdinand sets his sights on James Bond role, or failing that a part in Luther!

by Anna Howell

Manchester Utd footballer, Rio Ferdinand, has revealed his dreams to follow in the superstar footsteps of former Welsh International and Chelsea FC player, Vinnie Jones, by becoming a film star!

And not just any film star either, the cheeky chappy of football has set his sights on probably the biggest role in film history, James Bond!

However, he does seem to realise he may have somewhat overly high expectations as he has also said that if Bond doesn’t work out for him then he would settle for playing a substitute for Idris Elba in BBC crime show, Luther, the Sun newspaper reports!

When asked if he thought he would be compared to Vinnie, the premiership striker replied: “You’re undervaluing my action potential, man.

“I’d go for an emotional part, something off the wall.

“I’ve got too much for a henchman role. I’d need for it to be, I dunno, like Luther.

“Or if they’re looking for a new James Bond, I wouldn’t say that’s out of my comfort zone at all.”

We doubt it is that easy to switch football boots for the red carpet, especially as Vinnie Jones is the only person to have successfully made the transition having developed a steady acting career since being cast in Guy Ritchie’s 1998 blockbuster, Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels!

But, before he can start sending out headshots to agencies, Rio has one rather mountainous person to convince of his potential first, his Man U manager, Sir Alex Ferguson.

We aren’t sure Ferguson would be too pleased with one of his players leaving for Hollywood though, especially Rio who, along with Chelsea defender, Ashley Cole, produced a Brit gang film, Dead Man Running, but had to drop out of attending the premier because Ferguson declared the distraction was affecting his game!

Discussing Ferguson’s heavy and strict regime, Rio went on to admit how, after getting himself into trouble in the past, he now lets a friend check over any tweets he posts on social networking site, Twitter, before sending them:

“Sometimes I run tweets past a couple of people but you’ve just got to be as honest as possible on there and try not to get into any trouble.

“If the boss could shut it down, he would. There are certain situations where I’ve been punished for certain things, but you’ve just got to get on with it.”

Watch Rio chatting to Dermot O’Leary at last year’s X Factor final in the clip below:

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