Marchlands: Episode 4 Nisha suspects Alice!

by Lisa McGarry


Ruth reassures Paul that she’s not going to disappear again. She just missed the last bus back from Leeds that night. Whilst Ruth is at Alice’s grave she discovers the toggle. Another clue…

Evelyn can’t stop herself from meddling and tells Paul that villagers are gossiping about Ruth and a boy called Brian Keith. Paul is keen to protect Ruth and storms out.

Robert is furious with Evelyn but manages to find Paul just as he’s beating the living daylights out of Brian. Paul is distraught. Robert advises Paul to leave the village with Ruth – make a fresh start – away from everything and everyone.


Helen and Eddie berate Scott for bringing up the subject of illness because Amy becomes upset. Later, Scott has another seizure.

Eddie visits Father Boyle and asks for help. Later, whilst Amy is asleep, Eddie splashes around some holy water and pleads with Alice to leave Amy alone. He’s freaked when he thinks he sees something. Alice…?

Meanwhile, at the Runcie house young Mark and Olive are in bed. This is their last time together. Olive knows she has to stay in the village whilst Mark has his whole life ahead of him.

Helen is horrified to return home from shopping to find Father Boyle giving Amy’s room a blessing. She throws him out and is furious with Eddie. Amy overhears their arguing, and drawn by Alice, runs out to the woods.


An exhausted Nisha is increasingly freaked out by the house and thinks it’s to do with Alice. Mark just thinks Nisha’s tired and is exasperated with her obsession.

(All three families in each era are being driven apart. Is it Alice?)

The next day Nisha confides in Ruth that she feels like she’s going mad. She asks Ruth about the history of Marchlands. Meanwhile, Mark goes to see Olive with baby Alice and confides in Olive about the problems of being a father. Olive is unsettled.

Later, Nisha visits Olive herself and is stunned to discover that Mark has been there.

Thursday, 24 February 2011, 9:00PM – 10:00PM ITV1

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