Mario Lopez had a one night stand with Britney Spears!?

by Emily H


Mario Lopez dropped a pretty big bombshell when he appeared on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ earlier this week.

The former ‘Saved By The Bell’ star was appearing on the popular daytime talk-show to promote his newest book, a memoir titled ‘Just Between Us’, when DeGeneres quizzed the ‘Extra’ host on a particularly juicy revelation.

The talk-show host zeroed in on Lopez’s confession that he had a one night stand with a very famous pop star “maybe six or seven” or even “eight years ago” in Las Vegas.

Understandably, out of respect for the star in question and Lopez’s wife, he declined to be any more specific about who the famous lady was, even declining to answer DeGeneres’s question on whether or not he had interviewed the pop star since. But that didn’t stop Portia De Rossi’s wife from guessing…


After admitting that he was still “friendly” with the former flame, DeGeneres then threw out the name on everybody’s lips, Britney Spears, to which, if you watch the clip below very closely, Lopez appears to answer “yes.”

Though neither elaborated further, it would definitely make sense for Spears to be the mystery lady in question.

Britney Spears walks Mario Lopez around on a leash at the Britney Spears "Piece of Me" residency concert at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV

Plus, Lopez has interviewed the ‘Baby One More Time’ singer a number of times in the past six, seven or even eight years as part of his hosting duties at the celebrity entertainment news show, ‘Extra’. Lopez even hosted ‘The X Factor USA’ whilst Spears was a judge, which would explain his admission that the two are still “friendly.”

However, if the blonde beauty is in fact the mystery lady, that could make the time Spears’ called Lopez up on stage during one of her recent ‘Piece of Me’ residency shows in Vegas around 5000 times more awkward.

The host joined the singer on stage during her opening night, where he crawled around on stage wearing a leash to the track ‘Freakshow’, whilst Spears’ playfully whipped him. Awkward.

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