Marple – A Caribbean Mystery: Julia McKenzie returns to play the sleuth who discovers a murder whilst on a Caribbean holiday


Julia McKenzie returns to ITV to play Britain’s much love spinster sleuth, Miss Marple, in ‘A Caribbean Mystery’ – the first of three new Agatha Christie adaptations to screen on the channel.

The episode finds Miss Marple holiday in a lavish hotel on the tropical island of St. Honore. However, the Golden Plams resort proves itself to be far from the heavenly retreat it first seemed, when fellow guest Major Palgrave dies shortly after his arrival, following an evening of exotic food, Planter’s Punch, and a specially arranged Voodoo show.


Miss Marple is unconvinced by the ‘official’ verdict that Palgrave died from a heart attack, and recruits curmudgeonly business tycoon, Jason Rafiel, to be her reluctant sidekick. Together they unpick a web of deceit and dark magic.

Despite Miss Marple’s conviction that another murder is imminent, local police chief Inspector Deventry stubbornly refuses to take her seriously. This is until the brutal deaths of a hotel maid and a second guest.

Suddenly every one of the hotel’s intriguing guests and its owners, Tim and Molly Kendall, becomes a suspect, and it’s left to Miss Marple to unravel the truth in order to apprehend St Honore’s dangerous killer.

Miss Marple – A Caribbean Mystery airs tonight on ITV at 8pm

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