Martin Freeman confirms he & Benedict Cumberbatch will film Sherlock series 3 THIS MONTH!


Martin Freeman has finally put our curious minds at rest and confirmed the start date for filming on the new series of Sherlock.

The actor revealed last night that the BBC series is coming back and that he and Benedict Cumberbatch will start work on set in just two weeks time.

The production of the third season has been problematic and much delayed, mostly because of the hectic schedules of both main stars. Martin has been caught up with filming for Peter Jackson’s trilogy The Hobbit, in which he plays the lead role, while Cumberbatch has been in numerous movies including the Star Trek Sequel, The Hobbit, 12 Years a Slave and the WikiLeaks film The Fifth Estate.

Finally both men have managed to co-ordinate their diaries and find a window of space and Freeman can’t wait to get started, confirming that the new scripts are “brilliant” and that creator and writer Mark Gatiss “is a clever fellow”.


When asked what way the series will open and how the cliff hanger at the end of the second season will pan out, Freeman was reluctant to give away too much.

He was repeatedly questioned about how Benedict’s character Sherlock survived after falling from the roof of St. Bart’s Hospital in the final episode. Freeman revealed that “even we on reading the script aren’t quite sure”.

The revelations were made on Graham Norton’s marathon BBC3 Comic Relief chat show last night and during the charity special Norton showed Freeman some very raunchy items of fan art which showed his character John and Cumberbatch’s Sherlock in some extremely compromising positions.

Martin Freeman

“There are lots of people determined that we are at it,” said Freeman. “Lots of people.”

Last year Sherlock’s co-creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat revealed that three words “rat, wedding and bow” would have a huge impact on the upcoming episodes of the crime drama.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long until Sherlock returns to our screens and we find out what is going on!

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  1. sceptic on March 9, 2013 at 2:29 am

    “Repeatedly questioned”??

    Did you actually watch the interview? He was asked ONCE. And then only ‘what happens’, not any detail. Poor journalism.

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