Martin Sheen Tells Graham Norton Who He Backs As President

Tonight on BBC Two’s The Graham Norton Show (24 April, 10.00pm), TV’s best-known fictitious president, West Wing star and life-long Democrat Martin Sheen says he’s backing Obama for the real-life presidency.

He says: “Both Obama and Clinton came to me for support … I haven’t said this publicly before but I’m an Obama supporter. Bill Clinton loved The West Wing and still calls me the President, so I have to be careful.”

He’s confident of a Democratic victory: “It would be great if Obama and Clinton were both on the ticket. I think the Democrats will win, the country’s ready for change.”

He would never run for office himself: “We already tried it with an ancient actor, people mistake celebrity for credibility.”

While he was filming The West Wing he faced trial: “I’ve been arrested 67 times for non-violent civil disobedience. While I was doing The West Wing I was advised I could go to trial and lose, so we asked for probation, and I was on probation for three years.”

Graham is also joined by Ed Byrne and there’s music from featuring Cheryl Cole performing live in the studio.

The Graham Norton Show, 10.00pm, Thursday 24 April 2008, BBC Two

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