Martine McCutcheon confirms that she’s bankrupt and thanks fans on Twitter

by Lisa McGarry

martine mccutcheon

Martine McCutcheon has confirmed reports that she’s been declared bankrupt and has thanked her fans for all their support today.

The former Eastenders star hit the headlines, after it was claimed that bankruptcy proceedings were under way and it seems the brunette beauty was subsequently bombarded with messages of love and support from her sympathetic Twitter followers.

The 36 year old star of course shot to fame as Tiffany Mitchell in Eastenders, then achieved chart success, topping the single charts in five countries with her single ‘This Is My Moment’. She appeared opposite Hugh Grant in ‘Love Actually’ and has since appeared in various television programmes and on stage in My Fair Lady, where her portrayal of Eliza Doolittle won her a Laurence Olivier Award in 2002.

Last month Martine was declared bankrupt by the Kingston Upon Thames County Court due to unpaid taxes owed to HM Revenue & Customs.

Taking to Twitter, after a short period of absence, Martine wrote:

Martine McCutcheon

“I can’t begin to express my love and gratitude for such kind and encouraging messages. I’m truly so touched. I love you guys. Thank you. Xx”

McCutcheon also replied individually to some fans and when one messaged her saying:

“@martineofficial sorry to hear your news, its easy to judge when you don’t know the facts. Best wishes x”

She responded:

“thank you darling x”

Martine McCutcheon

KPMG’S David Standish, joint trustee in the bankruptcy of McCutcheon, confirmed the company was taking control of the star’s finances and it’s been reported that her financial issues came to a head, after she was dropped as the face of Activia yoghurt.

“Ms McCutcheon petitioned for her own bankruptcy at Kingston-Upon-Thames County Court,” he said.

“We are now responsible for administering her estate and are in the process of establishing the individual’s assets and liabilities, the largest creditor being Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs.”

Ed Thomas, insolvency practitioner at accountancy firm Mazars, told The Sun that bankruptcy is becoming an ever increasing problem for celebrities and commented:

“Without knowing the background to this matter, one should not point the finger, but generally we are seeing several celebrities failing in their obligation to ensure that their financial affairs are dealt with properly.

“There is no doubt that they pay a lot of money to people who claim to be managing their affairs professionally.

“But ultimately it has to be the responsibility of the individual to make sure their financial affairs are up to date, particularly their income tax affairs.”

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  1. Jessica on February 13, 2013 at 4:03 am

    Awww I’m so sorry about this and I believe deep down that everything will get better for u and god is with u and he’ll help u cause he is very powerful and he’ll help u through this and I really like u your so pretty and I love your smile and u also look like a nice very cool person to hang out with and I love your clothes so I would love to go shopping with u and maybe u can help me pick out some nice outfits me and my friend Martha were big fans of your’s and it would be nice if me and my friend could actually meet u in person

    P.S. hope to see u very soon

  2. Jonathan Powell on February 13, 2013 at 7:37 am

    Right behind you Martine, lots of love – JP xx

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