Matt LeBlanc teases episodes series 2 and admits ‘I’ve moved on from Friends’

Former Friends star, Matt LeBlanc, has revealed that he has no plans whatsoever for any type of Friends reunion and that  he has now “closed” that chapter of his life.

The actor, who played Joey Tribbiani in the iconic nineties sitcom, went on to say that despite the show being “the best ten years of his life” he was ruling out any reunions or similar projects.

“It was the best ten years of my life. I had the best time doing it. But I don’t think ‘miss’ is the right word. It will always have a special place in my heart, but that was a time and a place and that chapter is closed,” said LeBlanc.

“It was very sad when it ended but you move on – all good things come to an end.”

Since leaving Friends, LeBlanc has been starring in BBC Two and Showtime’s Episodes, about to launch its second series over here next month, where he plays a dark and twisted version of himself.  Speaking of his enjoyments of the role, he said: “My whole career I have played very politically correct characters and to not have to worry about major network constraints – you can’t say that or you can’t do that gesture or put your hand there or refer to those – is such fun. Now it’s like ‘**** all that’.”

Episodes is the story of British writers and lovers  Sean (Stephen Mangan) and Beverly (Tamsin Greig), who take their British boarding-school sitcom Lymnas Boys, to Hollywood where the US network quickly change it completely and cast a washed-up and bitter “Matt LeBlanc” as the arrogant lead.

Speaking of the commissioning LeBlanc added: “It starts four months after the end of the first season, Pucks! has been picked up and we are in production. Sean and Beverly are not together and we are doing our best to navigate through this awkward love triangle.

“At the end of the first season, Sean says to Beverly, ‘When we get home to Britain, I’m out’; so, should they go back to London, their marriage is definitely over. In the first season, Beverly wants to go home and he wants to stay – in the second season he wants to go home, but if they stay she hopes she can get him to get past what happened and he can forgive her.”

Episodes returns to BBC Two in May. Season two will premiere in the US on July 1 on Showtime.

To see a preview of Episodes, watch the clip below: