Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who – Fans beg ‘Bring David Tennant back!’

matt smith david tenant

Matt Smith has just announced that he will be leaving Doctor Who at the end of this year and already fans have begun making demands over who they want to see in the role.

Matt had played the titular timelord on the BBC show for four years, ever since the tenth Doctor David Tennant stepped down from the role.

His regeneration in the Christmas special will open the door for another new star to take on the challenging role, however it seems that viewers would prefer to see a more familiar face when the next series launches.

Twitter has been coming down with tweets from fans who are desperate for David to return to the role that shot him to global fame. One wrote:
Doctor Who - 50th Anniversary Special

“thank the lord matt smith is leaving doctor who, now they need to bring back david tennant”

Another tweeted:

“Matt Smith has left Doctor Who, now please some how make David Tennant the doctor again”

A third posted:

Doctor Who - 50th Anniversary Special

“Just read that Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who at Christmas so I think they should go ahead & have him regenerate back into David Tennant.”

“I’m looking forward to a new Doctor. I’ve warmed to Matt Smith but he couldn’t live up to the standard set by David for me. #DoctorWho”

What do you think Doctor Who fans? Would you like to see David returning or is it time for someone totally new to take on the role? Leave your comments below….

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22 Responses to “Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who – Fans beg ‘Bring David Tennant back!’”

  1. Molly says:

    I think that Matt Smith was/is the best Doctor!! ohh and hes the cutest too ;)

  2. Karen says:

    My family loved David Tennant as the Doctor. Matt Smith is okay but we just haven’t been able to connect with him. David Tennant has been our favorite by far. It would be absolutely fabulous if Mr. Tennant would return.

  3. marylou schmidt says:

    i would love to see David Tennant as the Doctor. he is my favorite then Tom Baker. ever since David left i wanted him back. BRING BACK DAVID TENNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Elis says:

    After 2010, When Matt Smith came I gave the show a chance but Doctor Who now has a childish atmosphere to it, when David was The Doctor, some bits scared me, some made me laugh, and most moments where really exciting! Bring David Tennant back he is made for the role! Not only bring him back but bring Russell T Davies back too! The show has gone ridiculous it’s not even Doctor Who anymore they changed EVERYTHING, The Tardis, the cast, etc.

  5. John says:


  6. Karen Morrell says:

    I agree, the show just isn’t the same. Bring David Tennant back, PLEASE!!! I really tried to warm up to Matt, just couldn’t. My grandkids use to watch Doctor Who when Christopher E. and David had the role….now…not so much. Please!!!! I have been a fan from the very beginning.

  7. Gareth says:

    I can’t believe how much people like to slate Matt Smith as the doctor. I agree David Tenant was a awesome doctor who made the show cool again but it is the nature of the show that he regenerates as a new doctor. Matt Smith was a brilliant Doctor and should be commended for livinging up to the hype that comes with being the new doctor. Good luck to who ever fills the role, I would like to see David tenant in the role again as a special episode but not to follow on from Matt, Doctor Who does have some naturally far fetched episodes but regenerating as a previously doctor stretches the emaginaton to far and would be a lazy write.

  8. Patrizia says:

    I agree with Gareth, I loved David and I liked Matt a lot but now we need a new Doctor

  9. Dean P says:

    The Doctor has of course never regenerated, looked at himself in the mirror and seen a familiar face staring back at him, straight after or down the line, but why couldn’t it happen? And why would it be lazy? It never has happened; doing the same thing time and again is the real lazy! Yes there will probably be a new actor cast in the role and it was my hearing of Matt Smith leaving that prompted me to Google ‘bring back David Tennant’ (my favourite Doctor also). I do not think this will happen, but if it were to, it would be not lazy, but the most original thing to happen since at least 2005 if not ever.

  10. Desariella of Aresia says:

    It’s always sad when the Doctor regenerates. I’m sure I’ll cry as Matt leaves and turns into someone else. I just hope whoever he turns into is a good choice.

    I’m pretty sure it will be. TPTB won’t take it lightly. At first I didn’t think Matt was the right choice. I loved David’s Doctor and could see Matt in the part. But it didn’t take long for him to prove me wrong. Now he is leaving. Here we go again.

    PS: No female Doctor, please. That would be a very bad idea.

    PSS: Need a Doctor Who fix? Check out my Doctor Who Fan-Fic “The Aresian Saga”. It contains every Doctor from 4 to 11. (Just Google “The Aresian Saga” and click on the keepandshare link.)

  11. Amy says:

    As much as I LOVE David Tennant, it would be silly to expect him back as the 12th Doctor. This show’s all about change and moving forward – even if it’s painful to do so. David had his run, and it was wonderful and far too short, but it’s over now. Time for a new face. I can’t wait to see who it is!

  12. Richard says:

    Those asking for David Tennant’s return to the role on a permanent basis simply do not understand the nature of the programme. I enjoyed Tennant’s take on the Doctor, and I look forward to seeing him again in November, but bringing him back would be against what Doctor Who is about. I understand there are those who would love to see him return, but he had his run and it’s over. I thoroughly enjoyed Matt Smith’s version of the Doctor and rate him in my top three portrayals of the character; I will be sad to see him go but like Tennant before him and all the other actors who have played the role, he has decided it is time to move on, so I respect his decision and look forward to seeing who will play the Doctor next. If they’re going to bring back anybody, make it Tom Baker!

  13. Mr. Gerbik says:

    I have a lousy summer and Matt Smith leaving is the only light on the horizon!
    I’m not a big fan of Moffat, but Matt Smith has just Colin Baker below him on my list of favourite doctors.
    And Colin Baker was handicapped by a horrible costume, bad scripts and a lousy budget.

    Anyway, let’s look forward and hope that the new doctor will be a surprise and not what most people wish for.

  14. Elliot says:

    Come on, be serious here you bunch of fangirls. The Doctor has never regenerated into a previous version of himself. And personally, if he can reverse regenerate I’m done. That’s just completely stupid. Just cause you like the doctor doesn’t mean you need to bring him back, just remember him fondly. I personally enjoyed David tennant the LEAST of the new doctors. Ninth and Eleventh being tied in my books.

  15. Elliot says:

    Wow, Reading through all of this “David Tennant is the only one who fits the role for the doctor!”
    That’s exactly why Eccleston didn’t stay, and it’s a GOOD reason.
    The face of the Doctor SHOULD NOT be identified as being any ONE person. Ever. The Doctor is supposed to be anyone, a mystery, an enigma.
    The fact that everyone is associating the doctor with Tennant just shows that he was on for too long.

  16. Aulakauss says:

    I loved Tennant, let me just start this post off with that. When I found out he’d be back in the 50th Anniv. special, I all but screamed ‘Yes!’ at my computer screen.

    However, each man makes a make on the series with his Doctor, and each Doctor a mark on us. Having the same man for 10th and 12th would defy one of the beautiful things about Doctor Who. Not only would it be confusing, but.. Each actor gains a chance to reinvent the character, and each one gains acting credit for it. Having one man play it twice would cheat someone else of it.

    I’ve loved every Doctor I’ve seen, and each regeneration is like losing a friend. You meet one, learn to love him, then he’s gone in a flash of golden light and some new guy comes out of the TARDIS. Then, after you get over your heartbreak, you learn to love him, too.

    I miss Ten, and I’ll miss Eleven, but I also look forward to meeting Twelve.

  17. Lisa says:

    Having David Tennant would be awesome to be twelve doctor just to see how he would recreate the doctor differently compared to the tenth doctor. Because David Tennant is a fan of the show he would know what standards he needs to meet for the doctor who fans after all he set the bar in the first place. But having the same person play the same part wouldn’t really be the end of the doctorwho world after all that’s what the make up team are for after all just because David tennants doctor was a young doctor doesn’t mean that Tennant would go down the road. He might decide I want my doctor older, etc. As for the comprising of David’s doctors wouldn’t have to be an issue with a multiple doctor story with the tenth and twelve doctor with a proper goodbye story for the tenth. The tenth doctor fans like myself can then leaning to let go of David’s tenth doctor and enjoy David’s twelve doctor which would totally be new all together without breaking any doctor who’s rules.

  18. james says:

    a david tennant comeback , yes please ,

  19. ME says:

    I agree DAVID TENNANT WAS/IS THE BEST Doctor Who!!! It would be FANTASTIC is he did come back as the 12th Doctor

  20. AnnieBananny says:

    The NATURE of the show is SCIENCE FICTION… Just because “it’s the way it has always been” doesn’t mean that it can’t be different! Moffat is an amazingly talented writer. I’m sure that he could engineer a delightful twist in order to bring back Tennant. Tennant’s talent is simply unmatched. Matt was good… but not GREAT. Tennant captured your entire being when he is the DOCTOR. Bring him Back Moffat. …. Make an offer he cannot refuse. …. Take it as your personal challenge to bring him back despite any criticism and prove to the world that David can make the role excel TWICE! That is my 2 cents…. I will watch DW for as long as it runs… but please please please… NO GIRL DOCTOR….

  21. Ingrid says:

    I most certainly agree i wish that David Tennant could return as the 12th doctor although it is unlikely. When Matt was the 11th doctor i couldnt really get into it anymore and doctor who wasnt the same. Matt couldn’t compare to the 9th and 10th doctor sadly. If david doesnt return hopefully they will find a 12th doctor who can properly fill the shoes of david tennant.

  22. ME says:

    I don’t know what other people think. David Tennant to be nominated for a Queen’s honour? He really has made a bi impact with his acting. he brought something else to ‘The Doctor’, and yes, it would be fantastic if he could return.