Matt Smith says Doctor Who is better than James Bond, loves Peter Capaldi….but not Belfast!

doctor who the time of the doctor matt smith

doctor who the time of the doctor matt smith

Former Doctor Who Matt Smith has been comparing his favourite BBC show to another Great British institution, James Bond.

Smith played the eleventh Time Lord from 2010 through till Christmas Day last year, and ever since he announced his decision to leave, back in June 2013, he hasn’t really shut up about the show.

So far he has revealed a jealousy of his successor Peter Capaldi, admitted that he asked writers not to pair him up with ‘his Doctor’s wife’ River Song, hinted that he regrets his decision to leave, confessed that he wished he had stayed longer and even hinted about how he would have progressed his character if he had.

So it is pretty safe to say that as far as Doctor Who fans go, Smith is passionate!

It shouldn’t come as much surprise to learn then that he has openly declared it the best show in the world, as well as saying that the iconic Time Lord is better than the British film spy James Bond.


Discussing the show, alongside his former companion Karen Gillan at the recent Wizard World Comic Con last weekend, Smith told the audience:

“Is there a better format for a show?

“Man can go anywhere. Man picks up hot chicks. Man travels universe. Man fights aliens. Man can change. Beat that, television. James Bond’s got nothing on us.”

Not really us anymore though, is it Matt?

doctor who the day of the doctor peter capaldi

Meanwhile moving on to how brilliant they both think Peter Capaldi, who Smith classes as a friend, will be in the role, Gillan made a comical reference to his previous loud-mouthed role of Malcolm Tucker in drama The Thick Of It, commenting:

“I’m hoping he swears all the time and they bleep it out with Tardis sounds,”

Smith took the question much more seriously, however, telling the audience:

“I think he’s going to bring his reinvention and I think it’s going to be really bold and really interesting.”

“Can I just add – not that I’m bitter – they’re going to Mexico City, Rio, Seoul and Sydney. We went to Belfast. Belfast is a nice place but it’s not Mexico City.”

Just saying!

The eighth series of Doctor Who is currently being filmed with a view to airing on our BBC screens this August – Watch the official teaser trailer for it in the clip below: