Matthew Newbury on tonight’s Secret Millionaire – Channel 4

Matthew Newbury lost a leg in a motorbike accident when he was 15, and changed his life. When he was 23 he was awarded over £2 million compensation for his injuries. Matthew is now 30, and is a property developer worth £9 million. Matthew has never seen himself as disabled and struggles with the stigma of disability. Determined to face his prejudices, Matthew goes undercover in Manchester, focusing on charities working with disability.

His own disability enables him to get involved with the charities, without them suspecting he’s a secret millionaire. On this personal journey Matthew offers an insight into the difficulties he faces on a daily basis and throws himself into an unfamiliar world. Matthew has a state-of-the-art bionic leg worth £50,000. With microprocessors and a carbon fibre frame, it’s the only one of its kind in the UK. To keep his cover Matthew swaps this for a standard NHS one; a move that causes him pain throughout the week.

While in Manchester Matthew pushes himself to the limit on Challenge4Change’s fearsome assault course where he’s inspired by a triple-amputee war veteran. He finds himself a second family and a lasting friendship with Alex, a young man facing the difficult decision of whether to amputate a leg to stop the constant pain he is in following life-threatening meningitis. It’s a friendship that is going from strength to strength to this day. Matthew also returns to his life before the accident as a lighting director when he helps the Mad Theatre Group with their latest musical and meets the young people working hard to ensure the group’s future. At the end of his time undercover, Matthew is confronted with the reality of living with a disability without the wealth that has made his life easier. He knows how he can help, but will the recipient accept his generous gift?

Tonight, 9pm, Channel 4