‘McBusted’ Album Review: Everyone has their chance to shine on this new release

by Martin
McBusted's debut album was released on the 1st of December
McBusted's debut album is out December 1st

McBusted’s debut album is out December 1st

Can you believe it’s over a year since McFly and Busted (minus Charlie Simpson) announced they’d be joining forces to create McBusted?

It was something that fans instantly loved (despite a few that weren’t happy that a McFly album might be further away than they thought). So far, it’s well and truly paid off.

They’ve had a massive tour of the UK which began as just eleven dates last year and grew into a mammoth stint of more than 30 dates. McBusted are even going back out on the road next year. Demand is there, that’s for sure.

News of a McBusted album was well received and the first track to be lifted from the release was ‘Air Guitar’ which received a pretty mixed reception. It sure features the vocals of McFly and Busted but it doesn’t really sound like either band.

McBusted are going back on tour in 2015

McBusted are going back on tour in 2015

That’s probably a good thing though. This album isn’t from McFly or Busted, no, it’s from McBusted and that’s something you have to remember. They’re trying something new. They’re still the same people but these six musicians are trying something different.

The band, featuring all of McFly and Matt Willis and James Bourne of Busted are all given their chance to shine on the album – something which is great for the latter who always seemed to be behind former Busted member Charlie Simpson – there’s no one particular stand out vocalist in this project and they all work incredibly well together.

The album is packed with a number of great tracks, some (‘Riding On My Bike’) that surprised us – the reason? It sounds more like something that David Guetta would come up with but it quickly moves into something that goes in the opposite direction, but overall if we had to pick one theme for the album it would be fun.

It’s clear that McBusted – even when they were just McFly and Busted – were all about fun. Watching them on television, they don’t take themselves too seriously and with this new album it’s clear that they’ve tried to have as much fun as possible. Some of the lyrics almost feel like we’ve been transported back into the early 2000s.

McBusted performing during their 2014 tour ©  Twitter (@AdamLibertyLies)

McBusted performing during their 2014 tour © Twitter (@AdamLibertyLies)

The tracks all compliment each other. They all have their own meanings clearly and of course it proves the guys aren’t afraid to show their sensitive sides as they move into ballads like ‘Beautiful Girls Are The Loneliest’. This track is something that on hearing live, we imagine arenas will fill up with phone lights (as opposed to lighters like in the old days).

While listening to the album, which on the whole we’d call a success for the new supergroup there are definite influences from the likes of Weezer and various other pop-punk bands from a few years ago. It’s almost like the genre that has faded slightly is being given a new lease of life.

The lyrics, which pull in from the band’s sense of humour are at times awkward and terrible but if you’re a fan of the band then you’ll know that’s just who they are, they’re a crazy bunch of friends that just enjoy what they do and don’t care if they show themselves up. It’s definitely not a bad thing.

Of course some McFly fans are hoping this perhaps didn’t exist and instead the next McFly installment was available but unfortunately McBusted is working. It’s a machine that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon and as for their debut album, it’s a solid effort from a group of musicians who are only improving at what they do.

We really enjoyed the album overall – it’s different, they’ve gone down a different route, but for now, it’s sounding fresh. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

We would rate it: 4.5/5 | Get your copy right here (Out 1st December)

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