McBusted premiere the official video for ‘Air Guitar’ and talk plans for their tour

by Martin


McBusted aren’t going away anytime soon, and while for some McFly fans that’s a little annoying (they want that new McFly album) the supergroup are doing incredibly well together.

Earlier this week the group announced plans to go on the road once again in 2015 with a massive 16 date tour – tickets for which went on sale earlier this morning.

McBusted – the supergroup combining McFly and Busted have also premiered the official music video for their first single together, ‘Air Guitar’.

The group are releasing the track as their first single on the 23rd of November and their self-titled debut album will also follow shortly after on the 1st of December. How exciting!


In the video, it’s all fairly simple, the band are seen performing the track in a large room packed with guitar amps, with a group of screaming fans appearing behind them.

The track has so far received a mixed reaction from fans, some are really enjoying it while some can’t help but complain about the slightest little things like Tom’s glasses… what?

Nevertheless McBusted are going on tour next year – whether they’ll add more dates like their first tour is still to be seen but already they’re thinking about how they can top that one.

Speaking with Digital Spy Dougie Poynter explained that Circus Acts could be theme for their 2015 tour across the UK after watching quite a bit of Cirque du Soleil.

McBusted tour 2015

Harry, who drums for the supergroup explained: “It’s something we’ve literally just started talking about, so we’ve just started planting seeds for the tour.”

While bassist Dougie continued to explain the circus theme: “We’ve been watching lots of Cirque du Soleil DVDs. I want to do the giant ring thing.”

When the band were asked who was the daredevil of the group they all protested at James Bourne who was quick to say: “I’m the most scared of that stuff!”.

Harry explained that James is the health and safety officer of the band, he’s always questioning whether or not something is safe enough to do.

If you haven’t seen the video yet then check it out below and let us know what you think, is it what you expected it to be or were you expecting more? Check out the full tour schedule here.

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