McBusted talk new album & who is the most sensitive of the group?

by Martin


McBusted have today released their self-titled debut album to the world featuring a number of big tracks including their first single ‘Air Guitar’.

The supergroup, which combines McFly and Busted (minus Charlie Simpson) have had a huge amount of success since they began collaborating little over a year ago and that looks set to continue.

On the debut album it’s clear that everyone had a huge part to play in the making of the record and each song appeared to have a hidden meaning.

One track that stood out was ‘Sensitive Guy’ and the band have spoken with Digital Spy about who the most emotional member of the band would be – they all agreed it was Matt Willis.


Matt himself agreed with what his band members had said, revealing that while he doesn’t cry a lot, he is a very sensitive person.

He explained: “I don’t think I’m a big crier, but I’m a sensitive person. I’m more of a thinker, although I f**king bawled my eyes out watching ‘Les Misérables’.”

“I watched it on my own in the living room and f**king cried my eyes out. That’s the only time I’ve cried in the last five or six years.”

The band also spoke about releasing their album at a time which is so competitive for the charts and compared their release to the likes of Ed Sheeran and Ellie Goulding.

McBusted are going back on tour in 2015

McBusted are going back on tour in 2015

The band explained: “Ellie Goulding will probably beat us even though she’s had her album out for two years already.

They went on to add: “Tell her to take her album out of the charts that week, Dougie. Ed Sheeran will probably knock us off somehow.”

McBusted, despite finishing their tour earlier this year have already confirmed plans to tour the UK once again, dates for which can be seen above.

Check out the band’s first single as a supergroup ‘Air Guitar’ and let us know your thoughts in the comments below or get in touch via Twitter or Facebook.

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