Meet the new characters of EastEnders spin-off, E20 series 3!

by Lynn Connolly

Series 3 of the hugely popular EastEnders spin-off E20 premieres online at 8pm on 20 September 2011, with new episodes every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for five weeks.

A weekly omnibus can be seen on the BBC’s E20 micro-site Friday night at 8.30pm on BBC Three.

The series follows Ava and Donnie, who escape onto The Square after their bus crashes outside Walford.

The two runaways quickly bump into Faith, who has been kicked out of her house by Grandma Grace after she finds her granddaughter under the sheets with a Walford favourite.

Ava, Donnie and Faith form an unlikely gang and search for a place to hide and food to eat. Things soon turn sour, however, when the law catches up with them.

Along the way, you’ll also meet Donnie’s younger sister, Riley and care worker Richard.

“We have a brilliant new cast, some cracking storylines and our new E20 gang really give Walford a run for their money,” reveals Producer Deborah Sathe.”

Click ‘Read more’ to watch videos introducing the new characters…

E20 Series 3: Meet Faith

Mercy’s younger sister, Faith was sent to Nigeria by Grace to sort herself out but now she’s back- and badder than ever! She can be incredibly exciting, but isn’t as bright as she thinks she is, tending to be reckless and downright dangerous.

E20 Series 3: Meet Ava

Ava Bourne, played by Sophie Colquhoun, is a closed book – but she can look after herself. People think she’s a bit stuck-up, which is odd for a girl who’s spent the last while in the care system, but of course there is a backstory. She comes across as certain, definite, even hard.

E20 Series 3: Meet Donnie

Donnie’s had to make it on his own, Mum gone, Dad inside, he’s spent most of his childhood in care. Donnie is a boy of few words, but don’t get on the wrong side of him – he’s got a temper.


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