The Mentalist spoilers: It’s not all love and romance in the final season – prepare for a MENACING serial killer!

by Sarah Jones
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While we’re still waiting for a full length promo from CBS for the final season, from what we know so far we’re insanely excited about what’s to come. Now, there’s even more!

Alongside Erica Flynn’s return, dead undercover agents, Lisbon’s brothers, Jane’s friends and a certain date watching the fireworks – there’s a new villain in town.

Meanwhile, one of the writers team Jordan Harper has been replying back to fans eager to know what’s coming up in the final season and he’s tweeted some very juicy information.

So for all the latest head on inside…

It has been confirmed by TVLine that Jane, Lisbon and the FBI will deal with someone who is described as a ‘menacing’ serial killer in a two part episode to conclude the series.

His name is Lazarus and he’s an exterminator by trade. However, he may not be all that easy to catch as he hides his psychopathic tendencies underneath his “unprepossessing exterior”. There’s been no word on just who will be playing this intriguing sounding character, but when we find out we’ll be sure to let you know!

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Meanwhile, Mentalistas have had a frustrating time of it over the last few months. Not only did it take forever for the 7th season to be confirmed, fans were left in limbo on just when the final season would air. However, the brilliant Mentalist writers have been keeping the fans satisfied in the meantime with some non-spoilery scoop on what they can expect.

Recently, Jordan Harper replied back to a fan’s tweet, who was curious why season 7 was his favorite season and whether there would be something different from the ‘Jisbon’ arc and Red John. He responded how this season has “some amazing guest stars” and a lot of great cases.

The Mentalist

Fans have been wondering whether or not another channel could pick up the series but it seems that isn’t the case.

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