The Mentalist spoilers: Are Van Pelt and Rigsby returning for a WEDDING?

by Sarah Jones
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Is this the biggest hint yet that Grace Van Pelt and Wayne Rigsby are returning for a wedding?

We reported previously, that the two original cast members who exited back in season 6, would return for one last encore as the show comes to an end for good this season.

Now, it has been confirmed just when they will return to our screens and Tim Kang has been further teasing us all with some BTS pics, as the cast and crew film the final ever episode.

Tim Kang posted up the above picture on his Twitter account on Wednesday, as filming for the series finale progresses on. From the picture, it certainly looks like they’re at an event of sorts – with some fans responding to the tweet wondering whether this could be a Jisbon wedding.

Adding fuel to the fire, TVLine have reported that Grace and Wayne will return in the 2 hour season finale entitled “White Orchids” on February 18th! Exciting news, right? We wonder what they’ve been up to all the time they’ve been away…

It’s great to see the show honoring the pair as the series comes to an end. As The Mentalist continues on, we’re expecting many many more twists and turns. So far already, Lisbon has been undercover in prison and Erica Flynn is set to make her long awaited return on Sunday. What havoc will she cause for Jane and Lisbon THIS time? She’s certainly a woman with an agenda.

Alongside all the exciting stories the writers are set to explore in the final season, there’s set to be a menacing serial killer on the FBI’s radar during the series finale. How much of a part will this character play in how the series ends?

We’d love to know your thoughts on the show. Are you sad to see it end? Let us know in the comments below…


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