Michael Jackson’s biographer calls him a “compulsive liar”


Michael Jackson’s unofficial biographer, Ian Halperin, called the singer a “compulsive liar” this morning – and warned the UK he might not show up for his comeback gigs in London.

Speaking to GMTV’s Emma Crosby, Ian said: “First of all I want to warn your viewers Emma that I spent five years working on this book – employed six full-time researchers, and I want to warn the people of the UK – don’t be fooled. You’re all buying into it right now, but people in Michael’s camp, family members have told me he’s a compulsive liar, perhaps a pathological liar. And I’m just warning you all, all the hype has began, tickets could sell as much as £15,000 for the first few row seats. But will he show up, who knows? He is not in the greatest physical health even though he passed medical exams that say he can perform. It doesn’t mean he’s 100 per cent fit. He definitely has medical ailments, and I’m just putting you all on warning – this hasn’t played out yet to its fullest. And I’m still going to keep a close eye and an attentive look because I’m not convinced it’s going to go down as everyone watching this show thinks today.”

Ian warned that Jackson’s health might rule him out of the O2 gigs, despite him looking in good spirits recently:

“First of all, people on medication – they get shots of energy. Michael has been in a Beverly Hills private clinic getting special injections the past few weeks. And he’s in deep financial straits. He’s over $100 million in debt and they need to prop him up so he can perform and pay off his creditors. He has creditors chasing him right now that could fill the O2 Arena for a concert. He needs to make dough quickly and he couldn’t pull this off in America and Vegas – there would be people demonstrating outside. And he’s going to pull it off in London because the people in the UK have been sympathetic to him during his child molestation trial, which he was acquitted of.”

Ian went on to claim Jackson has lied to the public before, and his UK return could be the flop of the year:

“It could be the flop of year because let’s not forget his ‘We Are The World’ performance a couple of years back in the UK.

“The fact is Michael Jackson has lied to the public repeatedly over the years, I prove that in my book… Arguably he’s one of the greatest performers ever, but he hasn’t performed in years and the jury’s still out. If he gets up on stage and gives a stellar performance, I’ll be the first guy clapping on my feet. But we’ve been through this drill before with Michael – he’s duped the press, he’s duped the public, and all I’m saying is beware because it’s yet to play out to its fullest. I hope it goes off, I have nothing against Michael.”

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