Michael Winner, David Attenborough, Joan Bakewell, Keith Allen, Uri Geller, John Lydon, John McVicar, Nigel Kennedy and Ann Leslie for Sky Arts’ In Confidence

by Lisa McGarry

Sky Arts invites some of today’s leading writers, artists, actors, and thinkers into the studio this spring, for the return of …In Confidence – a probing series of extended interviews that set out to discover what motivates and inspires ten of Britain’s most culturally expressive personalities.
Michael Winner, David Attenborough, Joan Bakewell, Keith Allen, Uri Geller, John Lydon, John McVicar, Nigel Kennedy, Howard Jacobson and Ann Leslie subject themselves to the unwavering scrutiny of Professor Laurie Taylor. Delving beneath the public façade of his guests, Laurie encourages them to talk about their personal philosophy, and to reveal the moments of joy and tragedy, the mistakes and the successes, and the flaws and strengths that have defined their lives.

Uri Geller discusses with frank honesty his search for fame and fortune, his relationship with Michael Jackson and the struggle with bulimia which threatened to overwhelm him. Singer John Lydon describes his troubled relationship with his Catholic upbringing and how the meningitis he contracted as a boy has haunted him throughout his life. Joan Bakewell discusses her affair with Harold Pinter and reveals how her successful career was propelled by her mother’s depression. In the final interview Michael Winner discusses his film career and his regrets over the relationships in his life and admits he doesn’t know much about food.

“In Confidence is the perfect antidote to the current plague of conventional interview programmes,” says presenter Laurie Taylor. “My guests are not chosen so that they can ‘chat’ about their latest work or answer stock questions from the cuttings about their life and times. They are there to take part in an intellectually (and emotionally) rigorous conversation which like all such conversations generates surprising revelations and unexpected insights. This is television for people who don’t like their meat cut up for them.”

“In Confidence has been called the best talk show on television, and we’re delighted that we have such an impressive line-up for the third series,” comments James Hunt, channel director of Sky Arts. “Always insightful, always gripping, Laurie Taylor’s unique interviews get to the heart of some of the most fascinating personalities from across the arts, television and journalism.”

…In Confidence Sky Arts 1 HD and Sky Arts 1, Mondays 10pm
5th March: David Attenborough
12th March: Keith Allen
19th March: Nigel Kennedy
26th March: Dame Ann Leslie
2nd April: Uri Geller
9th April: Howard Jacobson
16th April: Joan Bakwell
23rd April: John McVicar
30th April: John Lydon
7th May: Michael Winner