Miley Cyrus chats about her small group of friends and taking advice

by Martin


Miley Cyrus has got to be one of the most talked about people over the past few months, she’s grown from a young Disney star into a woman though perhaps not in the way many others make the transition.

Cyrus though whether we like it or not is here to stay and the star recently spoke with Cosmopolitan magazine in the UK and discussed various things including her close friends and who she takes advice from.

Over the past few weeks we’ve reported on snippets from the interview from the December 2013 edition of the magazine and during the interview she also spoke about her small group of friends.

20 year old Cyrus, who is due to perform at the MTV EMAs live from Amsterdam later tonight revealed to Cosmopolitan UK that she likes to keep her circle of friends limited and that she can count how many friends she has on one hand:


Cyrus said: “I have a small group of five close friends who all pretty much work for me, everyone else is just an acquaintance.”

She continued : “I have people around me I can relate to, people who get it and see what I’m doing.”

The ‘Wrecking Ball’ superstar also admitted that she’s fairly selective about who she turns to for advice after she revealed that Cyndi Lauper and her godmother Dolly Parton as the two women she’d take advice from:

She said: “The best advice I’ve been given was from Cyndi Lauper – she told me to go lasso the moon, meaning don’t be afraid of anything. Just go and do anything you want to. I thought that was pretty cool and poetic.”

Miley Cyrus

The star also spoke about taking inspiration from her godmother and said: “She’s taught me a lot about how you treat people. She always says ‘hi’ to the person on the bottom of the call sheet. I love that.”

Miley Cyrus will appear tonight at the MTV EMAs live from Amsterdam with the likes of Robin Thicke, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry and many many more!

It was also announced that Eminem will be presented with the ‘Global Icon Award’ at the ceremony.