Miley Cyrus not sure why people were surprised after VMAs show

by Martin


Miley Cyrus is set to appear on tonights Alan Carr’s Chatty Man on Channel 4 at 10pm. We reported earlier how she will talk about how she had to have Britney Spears feature on her forthcoming album.

The star will also talk about the criticism she receives from trolls on the internet telling them “if you want to criticise me, don’t do it anonymously on your computer”

We all know about that infamous performance by now when Miley Cyrus twerked her way through her performance at the MTV VMAs last month.

Fans who want to see the interview will get the chance on Chatty Man tonight from 10pm on Channel 4 where the 20 year old will address the risqué performance and how she doesn’t understand why everyone was so shocked.


“I didn’t really think anything about it until the next morning when the world was going crazy about it, because when I came off the stage I didn’t really think anything of it.”

Cyrus continued: “It wasn’t really about the competition or what other people think, it was really more about expressing yourself as much as you can, and really celebrating your video.”

“I thought it was dope when Gaga came out [for her performance], it was such a tribute to her video. And that’s what ours was really too, so I didn’t really get why people were so surprised.”

miley-cyrus-alan-carr (11)

“People keep clicking it, so people are going to keep writing about it, talking about it, because it keeps bringing hits to their site, it really has nothing to do with me and what I did, people just like to rile each other up, it’s crazy.”

Miley Cyrus recently released the official video for ‘Wrecking Ball’ and has promised that if the video reaches 150 million views on YouTube then she will share the directors cut.

The video has already broken the record for most views in a 24 hour period previously held by One Direction.