Miley Cyrus poses for magazine advent calendar and why did she perform with a cat?

by Martin

Miley Cyrus 2

Miley Cyrus, it’s definitely been the year of the former Disney star in more ways than one. She’s made a name for herself and if there was an award for it she’d be crowned the “most controversial star of 2013”.

She’s at it again however at a photo shoot for a magazine. We also learned why at the American Music Awards she performed with a giant cat on the screen behind her.

Hollywood Life have reported that the ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer wore a penis bodysuit for a photo shoot with ‘Love’ magazine as part of their annual advent calendar.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen the 21 year old in a nude bodysuit and we’re sure it won’t be the last even going into 2014 but this time she drew a penis where one would go on the human body.

Miley Cyrus

‘Love’ magazine posted the image initially but that was quickly taken down and included a reindeer to cover up the drawing of the penis – though now she looks like she hasn’t got anything on from the waist down. Ooh err.

Miley Cyrus is also well known for her raunchy performances as of late (VMAs anyone?) however at this years MTV American Music Awards the star while appearing in very little once again performed with a cat on the screen behind her singing ‘Wrecking Ball’.

Some thought it was just another random thing by Miley however there was a reason behind it all.

The star had been banned from showing off too much skin but the cat was a way of her pushing that boundary without going too far according to Hollywood Life.

2013 American Music Awards - Show

A source had told the website: “Performers were warned that they would be yanked if there was too much skin.”

“Even though her outfit was a bit more racy during the performance of Wrecking Ball, she definitely would have pushed it further.”

The insider also told the website that producers for this years AMAs wanted to ensure that the show was suited for the whole family sitting around the TV:

“The reason why she wore such a conservative outfit on the red carpet at the AMAs is because producers wanted a show that the whole family could watch, and they didn’t want any boobs or butts or slips.”

If you’re looking to see the picture we spoke about at the beginning then head on over to Hollywood Life to view it. Also below you can watch the performance from this years MTV American Music Awards.