The Mindy Project ‘Christmas Party Sex Trap’ spoilers: Mindy finds herself a new magic bra…

by Nick Barnes

The Mindy Project

Next week’s episode of The Mindy Project sees Christmas come around early as the ob/gyn staff have a Christmas party.

Office Christmas parties always end in a bit of a disaster or someone gets off with someone else and then come the new year, they can never look each other in the eyes again. That will probably happen on the next episode of The Mindy Project as there’s something rather…. arousing waiting for Danny in one of the office rooms.

No Christmas party is complete without a barrel of booze, but at THIS Christmas booze-fest there’s no booze in sight as Peter can’t be trusted.

In respect of Peter, the team at Shulman & Associates decide that they can spead festive cheer without being bladdered and not knowing their name anymore…

But, Mindy isn’t pleased with that and as we know by now, she never plays by the rules. In a bid to sneak in some booze to get her just a little merry, she sources a new bra which is ingenious… it holds two bottles of wine!

The Mindy Project

Unfortunately, Mindy can’t fill her own bra on her own and so she calls in Danny to come to the rescue. As Mindy holds the funnel, Danny pours in the two bottles of wine. When he questions what she’s doing, Mindy adds that it has its bonuses as her boobs grow as she pours in the booze, which probably has Danny all types of aroused with the look on his face. He tells her: “You should wear that every day!”

A reluctant Danny is told by Mindy: “My man-catching plan is not going to work without some booze”.

Danny asks: “What the hell was so important?”

Mindy demands: “Come here and fill my bra with wine”.

The Christmas episode of The Mindy Project titled ‘Christmas Party Sex Trap’ airs tomorrow evening (December 3) on FOX.