The Mindy Project ‘Christmas Party Sex Trap’ spoilers: Secret Santa dilemma & Mindy fits two bottles of wine in her bra

by Nick Barnes

The Mindy Project

It’s Christmas time on The Mindy Project this week and no Christmas is complete without an office party… Well, if it’s the complete opposite to the party happening in this office block, anyway.

Mindy suggests that the guys throw a party for the whole office block but, one should question: What’s the point in a Christmas party without any booze?

Mindy tells the guys at Shulman & Associates: “Exciting news everybody! This Friday, Shulman & Associates is having a Christmas party for the entire building!”

She defends her rather large idea by saying the office block is full of “Randos” who they should get to know better.  Danny points out that she’s trying to impress Cliff… For those of you who don’t know, Mindy has a bit of a crush on Cliff Gilbert who works for the lawyers firm whose office is located just across the hall from the ob/gyn.

However, Mindy and the guys aren’t meant to be wearing their beer goggles on tonight’s episode as in respect of Peter, it is decided that no alcohol will be consumed.

The Mindy Project

Not one to conform to the rules, Mindy goes out of her way to buy herself a new bra which holds two bottles of wine! Genius!

Unfortunately, Mindy can’t fill her own bra on her own and so she calls in Danny to come to the rescue. As Mindy holds the funnel, Danny pours in the two bottles of wine. When he questions what she’s doing, Mindy adds that it has its bonuses as her boobs grow as she pours in the booze, which probably has Danny all types of aroused with the look on his face. He tells her: “You should wear that every day!”

Meanwhile, in the hot pipe room, Danny is hiding away secretly making his gingerbread house and Mindy walks in and sees the unfinished product!

Danny hasn’t gotten her a proper Secret Santa gift and tries to palm her off with surgical supplies and office stationary…. Is the gingerbread house for Mindy?

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