Mistresses began series two last night on BBC… and I loved it!

by Lynn Connolly


The first of the six-part series two of Mistresses was, like Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way! But Mary Poppins would’ve had to be sectioned had she been part of the circle of four friends around whom the storyline centres; she’s have gone crazy had she witnessed the sex, deceit, betrayals and downright epically good fun/drama that it was.

I missed series one entirely, so if you did too, here’s a quick recap of what scandalous goings on occurred then…

Nowadays, the four friends – who somewhat oddly aren’t actually mistresses to anyone at all it seems – have moved on since series one ended…

Overworked and under appreciated mum Trudi, played by Sharon Small, is working as a baker of cakes while Katie – Sarah Parish – works in a hospital. Jessica, who’s played by Shelley Conn, was it seems a lesbian in the last series now isn’t, and finally Siobhan, played by Orla Brady, spends a good deal of her time picking up random men in bars for anonymous sex… as you do.

It seems many of the girls’ old love interests are still in this new series too but they may well face some competition from the gorgeous Oliver Milburn as Mark and the equally lovely Steven Brand as Jack.

So, getting up to date, a year has passed but Katie, Trudi, Jessica and Siobhan’s friendship remains as strong as ever – despite all their personal trials and tribulations – as does their combined sex drive which would power a few Range Rovers could it be so harnessed.

Another thing they all still have in common is that they’re all struggling to learn from their past mistakes, for instance, after her married and terminally ill lover died – with her help – and she had an affair his son AND was suspended as a GP over the whole assisted suicide debacle, Katie reckons she’s sworn off men for good and is busily trying to make radical changes in her life, starting with a new career.

katieHowever her new job as House Officer on the oncology ward – suspension from medicine now over – has put her in the same environment as two very attractive men; heart surgeon Dan and Jack who’s actually an old flame and now, her new boss so I suspect this new celibacy thing won’t last long.

Now onto Siobhan who, in the last series, despite being very much in love with hubby Hari–had an affair with Dominic, her boss, and had in fact become pregnant by him. She and Hari had been having problems conceiving in series one it seems. Now however, as Siobhan and Dominic are still working together, not unreasonably, this fact gets on Hari’s left one and as a result, he and Siobhan no longer sleep together. siobhan

Her answer to this dirth of nookie is to go to bars and pick up random men before returning home to Hari disheveled and not doing a very good job of hiding what her nocturnal sojourns have been for. Nonetheless, the couple are – in theory – trying to rebuild their marriage although Siobhan is struggling with the demands of first-time motherhood, her stressful job and consistent marital tension.

With Trudi, – who, in the last series survived the shock of finding out that her husband pretended to have died in the 9/11 disaster – she’d used her $2m compensation money to facilitate the arrest of her fraudulent ex-partner and had chosen to live a life of what was supposed to be bliss with Richard.

trudiHowever, the fairytale of the happily ever after didn’t last long and she’d been struggling to cope with Richard as he became more and more tedious and adopted a don’t-want to-commit attitude which clashed rather badly with Trudi’s desperation to get married.

So this time around, she’s decided that baking cakes may divert her thoughts from trying to pin him down and bring her some inner tranquility… or something like that. So, proudly clutching a freshly baked batch, she took samples to the rather fit bloke who runs the local deli in the hope that she could supply him… and maybe give him some cakes to sell too.

When Trudi went back later for his verdict vis-à-vis her baking, his categorical announcement was, “I now sell cakes… your cakes.” I wonder how long they can resist each other over butterfly cakes and fruit slab? I’m gonna guess not long…

jessicaNext on the list is party planner Jessica who, having been dumped by her married lesbian girlfriend, is getting married to the rich and gorgeous Mark who is, it seems, her gender-opposite clone.

It should be the perfect arrangement; they’re both beautiful, love the high life, fancy each other like mad and can’t be bothered with that whole monogamy thing. However, an open relationship might sound great on paper but perhaps there are clouds on the horizon and at Jessica’s and Mark’s beautiful wedding, there are sore misgivings for several key players… they should try Vaseline for that.


In case you missed it, I won’t give away the plot but if you get a chance, watch this intelligent SATC UK twin and you won’t be disappointed! It’s on BBC iPlayer right now so give yourself a duvet day and a Mistresses treat!

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Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.