Mitch bans Blake Fielder-Civil from Amy Winehouse’s funeral!

Amy Winehouse’s dad is said to have banned her ex-husband from her funeral ceremony.

It was confirmed yesterday that the late singer would be buried today, following an adjournment of the inquest into her death, and a spokesperson for her parents confirmed that it would be closed to the public and for close family members and friends only.

However one so-called friend who won’t be welcome, is Amy’s ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil.

Insiders say that Mitch Winehouse has banned him from the ceremony, as he believes it was their relationship and two year marriage that led to his daughter’s downfall.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “Mitch thinks it would be a complete insult for him to be there and if he really loved Amy, he wouldn’t cause anymore heartache by showing up.

“There is no way back for him with Blake. He absolutely hates his guts.

“He will always believe Blake is responsible for getting his daughter hooked on Class A drugs which marked the beginning of her self-destruction.”

Sources also claim that Blake was having difficulty in getting compassionate leave from Armley Jail in Yorkshire, Northern England, where he is serving a 32-month sentence on charges of burglary and firearms offences.

Speaking in 2010, Mitch admitted that he was worried his daughter would take Blake back again, predicting that if she did, one of them was likely to die.

he told Closer:

“It’s a possibility that they could get back together permanently because she loves him, so what can I do? But I’d be devastated, I’m worried about the situation and I’m going to discourage her in every way I can. Their relationship was a disaster, it was destructive and they’re lucky that one of them didn’t die. Two addicts can’t be in a relationship.”