by Lisa McGarry

Olympic Champion Mo Farah admits he was worried the Mobot wouldn’t take off, model Rosie Huntington-Whitely tells Jonathan she was teased at school for her looks, choirmaster Gareth Malone talks about being an unlikely heartthrob and Plan B tells of his encounter with Rolf Harris.

Mo Farah on his new baby twins

Double gold medallist Mo Farah has a new reason to celebrate following the birth of his twin girls. “One’s Jonathan and one’s Ross,” jokes Mo when asked their names.

Mo admits that his twins inspired him before they were even born and he credits them for giving him the encouragement he needed to achieve his two gold medals. “I wanted to work so hard for them,” says Mo. “To give one a gold medal, the other would have been left out. I was thinking I definitely have to do it for my girls.”

Mo loves being a new dad. “It’s very exciting. It’s all going well. I just can’t believe it,” he says. Rihanna (his step-daughter) is seven and she’s given us a good hand.” Is Mo a hands on dad? “I’m doing my bit, I’m doing what I can but it’s not easy. My wife has been doing the night shifts and I’ve been doing the morning,” he confesses.

Mo on his twin brother

Twins run in the Farah family, although it’s not until recently that the public became aware that Mo also has a twin. “I’d never said anything about it (my brother),” says Mo. “It was a private issue.” He continues, “It just came out before the 5k so I was getting calls and I was thinking ‘not now, Olympics.’”

Mo on his friendly rivalry with Usain Bolt

When Mo completed his race at the Olympics, and won his gold medal, he immediately began doing sit ups. But why? “Bolt did press ups and I was like ‘yeah’. I thought I’d do that to match it,” says Mo. “I did more than him I think!”

Mo on his infamous ‘Mobot’. He was worried it wouldn’t take off

Mo’s celebratory ‘Mobot’ pose has become legendary since Clare Balding and James Corden suggested it, but Mo admits he was worried it wouldn’t take off. “I did the Bupa 10k run, that was the first time I ever did it (the Mobot) but it didn’t take off. I was thinking, imagine if you do this at the Olympics and no one joins in,” says Mo.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely on her infatuation with Tom Daley

Beautiful model Rosie Huntington-Whitely also joins Jonathan on the sofa this week and although she missed most of the Olympics due to filming in Africa, she still developed a crush on Tom Daley.

“I’ve been in Africa for the last ten weeks so there wasn’t much opportunity (to catch the Olympics) but I saw some of it, I saw the most important thing – Tom Daley in the shower,” she laughs. Rosie couldn’t resist taking pictures of Tom and tweeting them. “I thought I should share them with the world. He’s pretty perfect,” she says. When Jonathan asks if she’s met Tom, she responds confidently saying, “I haven’t. I’m looking forward to the day.”

Rosie on being teased about her looks as a child

Rosie is known for her good looks but she admits she wasn’t always seen as beautiful. “I got a little bit of a hard time (at school) but who didn’t?,” she says. “I got teased. I was tiny at school. I was the shortest at school until I was about 14, so I got called Titch and I was rather flat chested.”

“I was flat chested and had big lips so a lot of the boys at school called me Titlips,” she continues. “I used to say, ‘you know what, I’ll make money from these lips one way or another, boys’.”

Rosie on her boyfriend Jason Statham giving her help when filming stunts for Transformers

Rosie stared in the movie Transformers and jumped at the chance to do her own stunts. “I loved doing all the stunts,” she says. “My stunt double had a very quiet six months.”

Luckily for Rosie her Hollywood actor boyfriend, Jason Statham, was on hand to offer her advice. “He (Jason) was filming in Australia at the time and he said ‘babe, you’ve got to wear stunt pads’. I was covered head to toe in bruises and about a week later a little package arrived with razor thin gel stunt pads”, explains Rosie. “That’s quite romantic,” she says warmly of his unusual gift.

Gareth Malone on being an unlikely heartthrob

Choirmaster Gareth Malone admits he’s an unlikely heartthrob since becoming a TV star. “I get more (female attention) than I used to,” he says. “I was profoundly unpopular in my early twenties. I think I’ve grown into myself. I think it’s the bow ties,” he laughs.

“She (his wife) takes it in good humour,” Gareth adds. “I did have a marvellous moment when one woman came up and said ‘Oh, it’s better than when I met Cliff Richard.’ I thought ‘that’s lovely, very nice’.”

Gareth on rapping!

Jonathan asks Gareth how he feels about rap. “As an art form it has it’s place. It’s not my first choice on the ipad in morning,” Gareth laughs. “I have performed The Shamen,” says Gareth, giving Jonathan an opportunity to encourage him to rap. “I don’t feel it right at the moment,” says Gareth, but after some persuasion Gareth raps Move Any Mountain by The Shamen.

Plan B on meeting Rolf Harris

Benjamin Paul Ballance-Drew aka Plan B has a chat with Jonathan before performing his single Deepest Shame.

Ben talks of his excitement at meeting the legendary Rolf Harris. “I won three Ivor Novellos and it was quite emotional for me because it’s what people in the industry think of you,” begins Ben. “I done quite an emotional speech and Rolf Harris came up to me afterwards. He was crying and he said my speech had brought a tear to his eye and inspired him to want to write music again. It was so surreal. I said to him, ‘I feel like you’re my granddad.’ He’s looked the same throughout my whole life. He hasn’t aged, he’s always had white hair,” says Ben. “I grew up with him and it was so weird that the first time I met him he was crying and telling me how much I’ve inspired him,” continues Ben. “We had a picture and he had a go at me because I wasn’t smiling properly, like a proper granddad!”