This Morning: Katie Hopkins says ‘It is absolutely the parents’ fault that children are fat’

by Lisa McGarry


Katie Hopkins has been causing another furore on This Morning today and this time overweight children was her topic of conversation.

The former Apprentice star previously hit the headlines when she admitted that she judges children on their names and won’t let her own kids play with anyone with a common moniker. Now she’s lashed out at parents whose children are overweight and blamed on not dealing effectively with the problem.

Speaking to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby Katie said:

For me I think every fat child lives in the shadow of a fat parent and parents that say ‘we have to protect their feelings, we have to look after them and soften the blow,’ playboy bullies are not as kind.

I have done trips to swimming pools where fat children come out crying because they have been bullied by others, bullied by their peers so I think it’s really important that parents get a grip, tell their children they are fat and get it together. [They need to] sit down and do something about it.

When asked who is to blame for the childhood obesity problem that the UK currently faces, Hopkins added:

katie hopkins

It is absolutely the parents’ fault that those children are fat, I think they need to look in the mirror, look at themselves and recognise it’s their fault.

We have one in ten children going into school at the age of four obese already, so if you are not going to sit down with your child and say ‘look we have created a problem here, you’re fat, I have made this problem, we need to sort it out….’

Phil asked if Katie’s suggestion would lead to parents harming their children psychologically, so they can improve their physical health. However Hopkins refuted the claim and said:

These days all we want to do is put people in cotton wool, the national child measurement programme says we can’t us ethe word obese anymore it might frighten people We need to recognise that people have created a problem and we need to sort it out, because the NHS currently are copping the cost of sorting it.

There has been a varied response to Katie’s appearance on Twitter and comments have included:

“For once I do actually agree with Katie Hopkins,I’d WANT my Mam to tell me if I was fat! If she can’t, who can? @itvthismorning #thismorning”

“katie hopkins is so far up her own arse it’s vile crawl out back into reality and treat people with respect u munt”

“Well Katie Hopkins is an absolute weirdo isn’t she? What a horrible woman. #ThisMorning. #FatChildrenDebate.”

“Hahahahaha love This Morning when Katie Hopkins is on having a rant! 😂😂 #youareFAT”

“That Katie Hopkins woman is a disgusting foul creature of a woman. Throw her to the lions @itvthismorning”

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  1. Jo on October 14, 2013 at 11:42 am

    Why do they allow people like her air time? Because it makes good viewing! Change channels, then viewing rates would decline on the programme-job done!

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