Most Haunted: The Search for Evil

by Lynn Connolly

Well, last night was the second of a total of seven evenings of Most Haunted live shows and this time, they were on the search for apparitions at the Empire Theatre which is claimed to be home to several scary ghosties. Now unless I’m missing something, aren’t they always looking for apparitions? Is this something new?? No, thought not.

Among the spirits they hoped to encounter were a young girl who apparently materialises as a solid form where she fell to her death, an old man who haunts the snug area of the bar – well there’s always one isn’t there? – and menacing, sinister shapes that are said to materialise on the stage…

The first hour and a half of the show was all ‘filler’ type stuff which I felt a bit robbed about. We had the team telling us who would play them in a film about their lives and we heard how Karl and Stu – when his legs aren’t goin’ – carry around a fart machine just for a laugh. Good times indeed.

Yvette was looking great despite her much advertised mystery illness and operation. She looks much slimmer than she was when we saw her in Living TV’s fly on the wall documentary Living With Yvette & Karl. She’s also got a new haircut and has ditched that terrible yellow blonde too. I know this is incredibly nosey but I’m gagging to know what it was she was in hospital for!

I really hope though that it’s nothing too serious because for as much as I take the mickey out of Most Haunted, I admire Yvette and Karl a great deal. They’ve both clearly worked hard to get where they are and they’re a very cute couple. I guess I’ll just have to wait until In Bed with Yvette & Karl is on next week to find out.

Anyway, all the regulars were in attendance and no Most Haunted would be complete without Julian Clegg who is the living image of the FA cup. I believe it was modelled on him actually. Bless him, that’s a face only a mother could love isn’t it? He spent a really lot of time telling us how active the webcams were but I have to say, on mine, all I could see was the team.

As ever, last night was full of eerie moans and creepy beings, but apart from Stuart, there were also some supposedly supernatural happenings too. One of the very first things was that Ciaran had aimed his thermal imager towards the bar and had picked up heat imagery from the radiator there, but above that, there seemed to be a figure also on the imager.

So, with intrepid resolve, Ciaran went over to show where he’d been testing and sure enough there was the radiator and then the camera illumined what was above it; a rack of magazines and above that, a framed print. You could see Ciaran looking at it and thinking ‘ooopsy, that’s what the shape is’. Clearly heat had gone up from the radiator and been absorbed by the magazine rack and print and you could see the penny drop with him but he didn’t want to say so.

Then there was some knocking on the floor and Yvette went to the lengths of getting everyone’s feet on camera so that they couldn’t be accused of tapping. However, I’m sure it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that someone was tapping on the ceiling below them.

Then there were whistles, again. Spirits are really fond of their whistling aren’t they? And tapping. They should form a band really. Then Billy Roberts picked up the spirit of a performer – shockingly, in a theatre – and he reckoned there was a young girl too. Could it be the young girl they’d written about in the show’s blurb? Could Billy have read it? Surely not.

It constantly drives me bonkers that they won’t put any lights on. They would surely see so much more and so would we… which is probably why they don’t put the lights on.

However, next up was a ‘Victorian’ séance – not sure what made it Victorian however – which was being monitored by no less than five stills cameras. Yvette launched into a Mrs Doyle of Father Ted impression when urging the spirits to move the table, she said, “Go on, go on, go on.” It made me titter anyway.

Dolly and 'Wee' Georgie

‘Someone’ then apparently ran a hand up Karl’s leg… so he was grabbed by the ghoulies in every sense!

Meanwhile Billy picked up the spirit of Georgie Wood, who was part of a mother and son act, Dolly Harmer and ‘Wee’ Georgie.

They did play at the Empire Theatre – as I found out in a Google search that took about three seconds.

Yvette then got the spirits to engage in some deep reciprocal sighing and more whistling as well as tapping on her foot. Karl remarked that the sighs were coming from The Darkness but I didn’t see Justin Hawkins anywhere.

I was a bit confused/amused when Yvette kept asking the spirits if they could use their voices, and they should tap for yes or no. They tapped ‘yes’… but didn’t say squat. Why not just say, “Yes actually, I can speak thanks. BOOOOOOOOOOO”?

Another thing that made me laugh was when Paul said, “They are in the Empire Theatre, just across the road. It’s dark tonight…”

Dark? At night? Oh that’s just plain creepy!

So, then Yvette decreed that Scardey Cat Cath should be strapped to a chair and sit all by herself on the stage. She gave every appearance of sh***ing bricks, but then, Cath’s always scared of everything. It’s part of her charm.

However, while she was in need of new underwear, Yvette was delighted when she asked if the spirit of Henry Walls was with Cath and a voice was heard to say, “Yes”. It sounded like a very human ‘yes’ to me. Yvette then asked Henry to touch Cath’s face but it seems Cath had a spirit protector who wouldn’t allow the evil spirits to get near her.

So, Karl replaced Cath and immediately felt short of breath. Billy said that the spirit of Henry Walls intended to harm him and sure enough, when Yvette asked Henry to “wind” Karl by hitting him in the chest, he did so and Karl said he couldn’t breathe and he collapsed in the chair… He was fine within the time it took to have a break.

I wonder what would happen if she said, “Pick up an axe and chop his head off”. Well, it’d be proof wouldn’t it?

Then the lights came on – the switch for which Cath was standing conveniently near to – and Stuart said that all the power was off at the main circuit board, which begged the question, what was all their gear running off then? Thin air?

After this, Yvette and Karl went into the seating area of the theatre and we could all hear a ‘breathy’ sound and lots of tapping, however, they didn’t seem to hear any heavy breathing.

Yvette then started riling up Henry by calling him a “piece of sh*t” and telling him he was going to go to hell. Something then pushed Karl and it seemed his bravado and “bring it on” attitude deserted him as he tried to leg it out of the theatre, leaving his wife firmly behind. Great stuff.

And that was that for night two. What did you think of it?

I thought what I always think; very entertaining, totally fake!

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Lynn is an editor and writer here at Unreality TV and is trained psychotherapist and the author of two books. She's addicted to soaps, period drama and reality TV shows such as X Factor, I'm A Celeb and Big Brother.