Mr Motivator meets Gordon Brown

Mr Motivator blazed his way into 10 Downing Street today to discuss Britain’s growing obesity problem with Gordon Brown.

The Prime Minister met with Mr Motivator and GMTV’s Dr Hilary Jones and gave his support to GMTV’s ‘Get Motivated’ campaign – a crusade to get Britain fit and healthy for 2009.

Get-up-and-go Gordon Brown, greeted Mr Motivator (Derrick Evans), by saying: “It’s a joy to have you here – I’ve just broken from my run.”

The Prime Minister revealed he enjoys exercising first thing in the morning, saying “It is the best time, as long as you can actually fit it in. With young children, sometimes I… But I think that’s the key isn’t it? Making up your mind to do it, and doing it now.”

Mr Motivator challenged the PM by saying, “I’ve been away for ten years and during that time, as you look around, waistlines have got bigger.”

Mr Brown responded by saying it was important to give people incentives to get fit – revealing his own secret weapon that got his kids up and about over Christmas: “During Christmas we took my children on walks – that’s a great thing to do – and we had treasure hunts at the end of the walks to encourage them.”

The Prime Minister admitted healthy eating was also key to reducing Britain’s soaring obesity levels – revealing he regularly points his children in the right direction: “I keep telling my children – five fruits, five vegetables a day. I think it’s really important. And if you start very young , you do it continuously. But if you don’t start young, it’s sometimes very difficult to persuade people to do it.

The Prime Minister said Mr Motivator has a crucial role to play between the Government’s own Change4Life initiative and GMTV’s ‘Get Motivated’ campaign. “You’re motivating people already all the time…and I would like to see you going around the country, talking to people about how they can actually get motivated themselves. .. I want people to know that right around the country now, Change4Life – working with ‘Get Motivated’ – is available for people, and here’s a chance to get fit and get the best advice.”

Mr Brown told Mr Motivator he’ll also be encouraging other MPs to sign up to GMTV’s Get Motivated campaign, saying: “I’ll tell the Cabinet Ministers that you’re after them – you’re coming.”

Watch the full interview on GMTV tomorrow morning

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